Activity 5: Our hometowns


This time we are going to design online posters promoting our hometowns. We will use GlogsterEdu (the tutorial is in our Staff Room). It is a powerful tool as it incorporates audio, video and photos without much of hassle. When your glog (interactive poster) is ready, please add a child page below this wiki and embed the code of the glog there, or send it to me.

Our next step will be choosing the best photo presenting our town and creating an online jigsaw puzzle with the help of Jigsaw Planet. The deadline for both activities is 25th November. 


Do you know our hometowns? Click on the picture below to play and check it. 

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Please click on blue "Add Child Page" over this post, then change the format of the page into HTML. After that click on Source and insert there an embed code of your glog (interactive poster) created on GlogsterEdu.

Posted on 24/10/12 09:19.

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Dear Barbara,
I want to be sure that I understood well our next activity. So, our next task is to create a single poster with images from our hometowns using Glogster Edu?
Thank you!

Posted on 12/11/12 19:18 in reply to Barbara Głuszcz.

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Yes, Alina. Each school is going to create one glog about the hometown (interactive poster) using GlogsterEdu or Glogster. You might upload a video, photos, drawings there.

Posted on 13/11/12 15:02 in reply to alina mateas.

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There is the most beautiful place in Most - the Gothic Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (moved from one place to another) preview40 pieceMost - church

Inca jigsaw (Shoemakers Monument)

Escola Barrufet Jigsaw

Malalgón jigsaw
preview12 pieceMalagon-y-don-quijote_216951
Cluj-Napoca Puzzle

Latvia Puzzle

preview48 pieceEglaine School

Poland - Puzzle

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