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Once upon a time there was a crazy principal. He had afro hair, a long nose and a big belly. Since he lived at school, he had his own computer in the teachers´ room. One day the principal had to check his computer. At once the computer surprisingly said: ...


 (Written by Czech students)

 Go on, our Polish friends:-)


"FATAL ERROR! YOU CANNOT PRINT THE EXAM!" The principal cried: "Please! Don't do this to me! Not today!...". He was devastated and he started to rub the computer to calm down. Suddenly, Gin appeared! He sat on the principal's desk, stretched his arms and finally said: "Thanks for rubbing the computer - you've made me free. What are your three wishes?". The principal was totally shocked, but he managed to say: Please, give me a pen which...


(Written by Polish students

Now... Portugal...:)))


... is able to detect lies every time  a student comes to my office and tries to distort the truth. "Oh, that's an easy one! Your wish shall be granted. You still have two wishes left", Gin said. "Very well... in that case, I wish a magical map", the principal said, "What do you mean?", Gin asked. "I want a map which teleports me to the place I touch, anywhere in the world. I think it's the best way to relax after a tiring day at school", the principal replied. "Oh, I'm sorry, but I've only got the European Magical Map available at the moment. And by the way, don't forget to return to your school until midnight every time you use the map", Gin warned. "Oh, it's fine, don't worry. My first stop is going to be a country that I've always wanted to visit - Portugal! And finally, my last wish is..."


(Written by the Portuguese students

Slovakia, it is your turn!  )


....to have a magic bell at my school. When the students hear it, they will stop shouting, they will smile and pay attention." Gin agreed:" It is a good idea, but I have only this old one. Don´t lose it. It will work only in the school building." Principal was very happy. He took the pen, map and bell and went to the classroom. He rang the bell and all pupils sat down smiling at him. It was their favourite subject - Geography. Principal opened the map and he wanted to show them, where is Slovakia. But he completely forgot that the map is magic. He pointed at the map with his finger and he suddenly disappeared....


(Written by the Slovak students

Spain, you are on )


... to Sweden becasue his finger slipped on the map. In Sweden he appeared right in front of a bus full och children. He looked around him and saw a school bag with the name Sara written on it. He picker it up an looked inside of the bag. In it he saw just a dictionary and a telephone. He examined the telephone and saw that the ownerr, Sara, had a missed call.  He unlocked the telephone and called the number that was on the screen. 

*Ring ring* 

When the first signal was heard he was teleported to....

(Written by the Swedich students; Spain, you are on )


 ... a classroom in Spain where Sara, a teacher was giving a lesson to her 3rd Year ESO Students.

The students were shocked at the principal's sudden appearence so they forgot to write the homework they were supossed to do for the following day. The principal gave Sara the magic pen and Sara found out that the students were lying. At midnight the principal was still in Spain...

(Written by the Spanish group;  Wales, you are next!

( OK here we go.........)


Completely exhausted after everything that had happened to him, the Principal sat down heavily on a chair and began to tap the table with a ruler. After a while he jumped up and asked Sara if he could borrow the magic pen. She replied "Yes, of course". The Principal took the pen and began to write on the board. The words that he wrote were, "I'm a celebrity - get me out of here!!!". With the flash of a light, the magic pen transported him magically back to the Czech Republic.



Written by the pupils of Velindre Community School, Wales

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Let me know when you want us to start!!!!

Posted on 23/03/13 22:48.

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Today Czech students again read the story. We are so eager to find out how our story will end ... So hurry up, partnersemoticon

Posted on 27/03/13 12:00.

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How to write our story...

This is our last task. I think the next step will be to apply for the quality label, don't you think so?


To write the story each country chooses three words and writes a short text with them.  Then the next team chooses three other words and continues the plot. The last team finishes the story and... that's it!


The story may be as crazy and impossible as you wish. Actually, the crazier it is - the better!


I suggest we should write the story in alphabetical order, so Lucie - it's time fo start our s-cool story Then Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Wales... Good luck

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