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New month - new tasks!

Hi everyone!

It's time for our next task, actually two... One is about our schools in numbers and the other one is about our school timetables. I've already created folders for you. There is even one more for the questionnaire and its results. Look for the details in a monthly schedule.


I think we should also think about Christmas cards. They have to be sent at the beginning of December in order to get them before Christmas. We want to make our cards ourselves, so we have to make them in November... I also suggest writing the wishes in both English and a native language - what do you think about the idea?

Enjoy your work:)



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Czech students agree! All the things you mentioned above are undoubtedly good ideas. We have just finished our presentation of our school town, so let´s go ahead ...

Posted on 01/11/12 21:32.

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