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Questionnaire has been completed by Czech students

 Hi friends,

We had an interesting English lesson on Friday - students were searching for the information to complete our common questionnaire. The task was not easy - it took us a lot of time and energy:) But the mission is completed.

Slovak question

Hello everybody,

our questions are:

1. What craziest thing did you do on last 1st April to your teacher?

2. What is the most favourite excuse for not having your homework?

3. How many pupils of your school have ever broken ther legs or arms?

4. How many teachers of your school have ever eaten snails?

5. What is your favourite subject?

6. What is the most favourite sport you play during P.E.


We have just sent our Christmas cards to all schools in the address list. Hopefully you will get them before holidays.

Have a nice two weeks before Christmas.





Questions from Portugal

Hi there!


Here are our suggestions!


How many whiteboards does the school have?

How many teachers are there in the school?

How many kilos do the schoolbags weigh?

How many desks are there in each classroom?

How many students come to school by bike?

How many students come to school by motorbike?

Questions from Wales

Hi everybody, We thought of some questions today....

1) How many pupils

2) How many teachers?

3) How many computers?

4) How many interactive white boards?

5) How many breaks during the school day?

6) How long are your lessons?


Thank you, Pupils from Wales



 Hi friends,

Czech students keep promises. Today they tried to make up some questions on behalf of the whole Czech group. The result is here - questions you can add to our common questionnaire:

  1. What is the craziest thing you've done in your school?
  2. What is your favourite snack during lessons?
  3. How many lessons a day do you have?
  4. How many people eat during your lesson?
  5. Do you write homework at home or at school?

Thank you for waiting for us:) 

Bye for now



Hi everybody, I have one idea, let´s make the questionnaire together, maybe each school can make up several questions  (4-5) - the funnier the better and then one school can get them together...


New month - new tasks!

Hi everyone!

It's time for our next task, actually two... One is about our schools in numbers and the other one is about our school timetables. I've already created folders for you. There is even one more for the questionnaire and its results. Look for the details in a monthly schedule.


I think we should also think about Christmas cards. They have to be sent at the beginning of December in order to get them before Christmas. We want to make our cards ourselves, so we have to make them in November... I also suggest writing the wishes in both English and a native language - what do you think about the idea?

Enjoy your work:)


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