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Hi everybody,

I'm happy to show you two films. My students have made them totally on their own and although their language is not perfect - I'm really proud of them. The first film is the official one, the second... you will see. Enjoy your watching:)





Portuguese presentations


Just to inform that the Portuguese students are doing their presentations this week, we should have everything ready by next week!

Thank you Alicja

I have not seen your presentation yet because of school holiday (my home computer can´t open it :-( but I´m sure it is perfect, and  film and poster is great idea as well. I will show it to my students on Monday.


Dana, I'm so impressed by your presentation! I love it!!! Congratulations to you and your students!

Our Polish school town

Hi people:)

My students have almost completed the second task. They work in groups of four or five and this time each group decided to perform their results in a different way. Today I'm going to show you a Power Point presentation, but next week you will also have a chance to see a film and a poster. I really love my students and I'm proud of them because they do everything on their own and they are always on time! Enjoy your watching:)


Let's face our second task:)


I know that some of you are still working on the first task, but it's time to start the next one! I've aready posted a monthly schedule for October and I've organized a folder for your presentations.

Good luck and have a nice time doing the task:)


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