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Hello from Portugal!

 Hello everyone! Our presentations have just been submited. I have two classes and I have joined their presentations into just one document, a pdf one, for easier reading and to avoid eventual compatibility Microsoft Office problems. 

Concerning the logos, the students presented several options and this week we will vote on the most popular. However, in order not to delay it more, I will submit the several logos and will tell later which one was their favourite if that is OK!

Best regards,


LOGO Competition

 Hi everybody,

As you know some of us are a little bit late with our project work - designing the project logo. Do not worry. Maybe it is because we want to do our best and our students want to win:) In the Czech Republic we are running LOGO competition and the deadline is next week (the deadline is postponed due to our holidays). After that we will publish the best one. I hope there will have been more logos published by that time :)

Have a nice time


Hello from Slovakia

Hello to everybody,

sorry for being late. I have just enclosed our presentation. I decided to engage several classes aged twelve to fifteen. I think it is great that such a small school from the country can participate on the international level. I like all your presentations very much-the joke with the shirts and ties is great. We are going to make up the logo next week. I wish you smart and polite teenage students :-)..... Dana, Zohor, Slovakia

I'm impressed, Anna!

I'm impressed, Anna! You must be proud of your students:)

We are waiting for the second part of your presentations:)

Congratulations, Sweden!

 I have just seen the first half of your presentations - your students did the excellent job! Tomorrow I am showing your work to my students:)


Hello, Anna from Sweden!

I really love your logo! It's so sweet and... warm:) I can't wait to see your presentations!

Congratulations Wales, Poland and Czech Republic ...

on your really nice presentations. From Spain we promise we are working on that but for a number of reasons it took us a while to start.


See you


Do you remember about our project logo ideas? Each partner gives just one picture and then the students are going to choose the best one:)

Let's start!

It's September so it's time to do the first task (actually two...). As you can see, there are three folders here - one with the monthly schedule for your students (it's just the proposal), the second one is for the students' presentations and the last one for the project logo (each country gives just one image and then we are going to choose the best one:)) I've also organized subfolders for you:)

Good luck and have a nice time doing the tasks:)


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