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Hello from Slovakia

Hello to everybody,

sorry for being late. I have just enclosed our presentation. I decided to engage several classes aged twelve to fifteen. I think it is great that such a small school from the country can participate on the international level. I like all your presentations very much-the joke with the shirts and ties is great. We are going to make up the logo next week. I wish you smart and polite teenage students :-)..... Dana, Zohor, Slovakia

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Hi Dana! I'm so happy you are with us - I was worried you had given up. I like your students' presentations and it doesn't matter you are late - we can waitemoticon Greetings!

Posted on 04/10/12 21:59.

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Hi from the Czech Republic,

I am very happy that you joined us, Dana. Maybe our partnership will last longer and longer. I hope so...We are also late with our logo, but better late than never emoticon Bye for now

Posted on 06/10/12 13:29.

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