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Hello from Portugal!

 Hello everyone! Our presentations have just been submited. I have two classes and I have joined their presentations into just one document, a pdf one, for easier reading and to avoid eventual compatibility Microsoft Office problems. 

Concerning the logos, the students presented several options and this week we will vote on the most popular. However, in order not to delay it more, I will submit the several logos and will tell later which one was their favourite if that is OK!

Best regards,



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Hi Filomena,
You are lucky you have such a small number of students - and hardworking studentsemoticon This morning we were watching your presentations and admiring your works. I confess at our school our students use IT so much and they are losing their writing skills that now teachers are trying to force them to use their handwriting and to make their own sentences, that is why I wanted my students to make their presentations in paper. When they saw yours, they asked me for using IT as well. Our task Our school town is being made in paper, too. So I decided the third task School in numbers will be done on the computersemoticon

Posted on 24/10/12 19:12.

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Hello Lucie!
I'm glad you enjoyed! My students have already seen the other students' presentations and liked them very much too. It is interesting to see that students aren't that different after all! The other presentations are very interesting too, but I agree with you, we always use IT and rarely use paper any more. Maybe I should try one day too, we will see! emoticon
Have a good week!

Posted on 24/10/12 19:36 in reply to Lucie Nožková.

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