Partner countries





  Activity 3: Partner countries 

Here you may find some basic information, quizzes and games about the partner countries in the project.



Do you know the names of the partner countries in English? 


Can you find our partner countries? Click on the picture below and check it.


 Do you know the capitals of the partner countries?  

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We can decorate this map with some photos of our towns. If you want, please upload them into our Image Gallery below and we will add them to the map.

Posted on 26/08/12 14:13.

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Thanks Barbara ,
You did good work emoticon

Posted on 26/08/12 15:07 in reply to Barbara Głuszcz.

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We did it together :-)

Posted on 26/08/12 19:46 in reply to İNCİ ASLAN.

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Dear Inci,
Thank you for your help. It was really easy, I'm sorry it was my fault, I did not pay enough attention. But I'm sure that I'm going to ask again for your help if is necessary. It is a pleasure to work with you.

Posted on 27/08/12 10:03.

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Hi dear Alina ,
You did it .I looked at your photos emoticon
Dont worry .I was registered ın e twinning so long ago because ı m too bad ICT ı couldnt do anything for e twinning untıl I changed my school last year .My manager and ICT teacher said we will help you and they inspired me to do .And ın a year ı learned nearly everything for e twinning and ı m stıll learning ...Learning a new a thing is a wonderful feeling it isnt matter your age .When ı learn a new thing ı become as happy and excited a child .Now my school is the best e twinning school in my city and ı was invited to e twinning seminars to share my experience .
You will see it is too easy and we will always learn from each other we will have wonderful friendship .
The only if you have any problem just ask .Dont hesitate .
I 'd be happy to help .
Take Care emoticon

Posted on 27/08/12 12:03 in reply to alina mateas.

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Hello Barbara!
Sorry but I need help .How can I upload the photos into the image gallery.
Thanks a lot!

Posted on 27/08/12 12:39 in reply to Barbara Głuszcz.

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Hello again!
I've just read a reply that Inci gave to Alina, explaining the same.
Thank you Inci! It's going to be easy working with you. I'm learning a new thing everyday!
Take care

Posted on 27/08/12 12:48 in reply to İNCİ ASLAN.

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INCI dear,

You will be my mentor. I think that you are a huge achievement for your school. I'm happy that you are opened-minded and you are willing to share from your experience. So, you will be my E-twinning mentor.
Keep in touch!

Posted on 27/08/12 12:49.

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Dear Teresa,
Do you still need any help? Please let me know. We can't leave you alone! The more experienced partners will look after you :-) Please don't be shy and always ask for help.

Posted on 27/08/12 14:03 in reply to Teresa Román Oñate.

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Hi dear Alina ,
I 'd be to happy to help .You will see we will learn from each other everyday new things .It would be an honour to share my experineces .E twinning is a like hobby for me now emoticon
I belive that group will be a perfect group because there is a big inspiration to do activities .For example for preparing the map Barbara helped me a lot and she made a perfect work in a short time .Just ask ,we will be a perfect team emoticon

Posted on 27/08/12 18:09 in reply to alina mateas.

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you are right Barbara :We can't leave you alone!
And thanks for your patience while preparing the map emoticon

Posted on 27/08/12 18:11 in reply to Barbara Głuszcz.

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Oh, the pleasure is mine!

Posted on 27/08/12 19:28 in reply to İNCİ ASLAN.

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Dear Barbara,
I wonder if the photos titles that I wrote on the image gallery can appear in the tripline?

Posted on 28/08/12 22:31.

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Yes, it is possible to add them as the description of the pictures. I will do that tomorrow. It's time to go to bed:-)

Posted on 28/08/12 22:49 in reply to Teresa Román Oñate.

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I'm going to ask my children what images they want to add so will have to hang off uploading mine until school starts - very cool idea though! This will work great as an introduction to the project

Posted on 29/08/12 19:46.

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I love this tripline!!!!!!!! Our children starts their new school year on September the 12th, and I can't wait to show them all this!!! It's really fantastic!!! Congratulations!!!
Could we add more photos in a few weeks? I'm sure my children will love to participate and take their own Sant Boi's photos to add in the gallery.
Good night!!!

Posted on 04/09/12 01:16.

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Yes, of course. This activity doesn't have a deadline :-) By the way, I will upload the new ones in the afternoon. Please remember that Tripline service accepts only JPG images.

Posted on 04/09/12 15:14 in reply to Esther Rodríguez Serradilla.

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My children have now chosen the images that they wanted to share with you all! Some are about the UK in general, such as London and the rest are specific to Milton Keynes where we live.

We hope you like them!

Posted on 29/09/12 12:19.

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Thanks for the photos. They have already been uploaded into Tripline.

Posted on 29/09/12 15:55 in reply to Sway Grantham.

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Watch the presentation and Learn more about the Countries


Flags of partner countries

Gaziantep City
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