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Activity 2: My school


The aim of our next activity is getting to know our schools. We are going to create materials presenting our schools (photos, videos, drawings) and combine them altogether. Then we are going to make a video/slideshow around the materials we have collected (Animoto, Smilebox, PhotoPeachPictureTrail, Slideroll, Photo Story 3, Windows Movie Maker). We are also going to prepare a poster "My Dream School". The deadline for both tasks is 31st October 2012. 


Let’s post our pupils’ answers to this question, either by entering their own answers or by clicking on and submitting existing answers. 

What's your favourite school subject?... at


 Our Dream School - posters prepared by all the partner schools

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good plan. I fully agree :-)

Posted on 31/08/12 06:58.

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Hi! 31st October 2012 is ok, but I other confused: How to FREE download school movie from Animoto?

Posted on 07/09/12 23:43.

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Dear Colleagues,
I really recommend Animoto ( as it is easy, fast and fun. I am sure you will love it. But first you have to sign up to have an educational acount for you and your pupils (but not as an individual person at the top of the page - find the information at the bottom of the Animoto main page: EDUCATION). You will be able to create unlimited long videos.
Cristina, here is a tutorial, and at the end you will see how to get a code for embedding it in the Twinspace: .
You have to copy the embed code of your Animoto video, go to the Twinspace blog, write the title of your post and then click on the button 'Source' or 'HTML code' which is right above the white body text. Then right click in the white body text, and paste the code. Finally click on the Publish button and your work has appeared.
I have put the video with the tutorial in the Staff Room too.

Posted on 08/09/12 16:48 in reply to herdes cristina.

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Thank you! You are a real expert in Twinspace and a great collegue. Thank you again!

Posted on 08/09/12 20:26 in reply to Barbara Głuszcz.

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Dear Barbara,
I have tried Animoto and I love it!!! But I have a doubt... When the six free months (Educational account) are over... What happen with the videos you have published... Do they dissapear if you don't pay?
Please tell me if you know because in that case I will try to do them in windows movie maker too.
Thank you for all your good advises!!!!

Posted on 08/10/12 23:51 in reply to Barbara Głuszcz.

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Dear Esther,
As far as I know, you can renew your educational account for next six months. I always do that. Sometimes different services change the rules, only some of them remove the videos. Fortunately, most of them let you know about it.

Posted on 09/10/12 14:31 in reply to Esther Rodríguez Serradilla.

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Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 13/10/12 18:32 in reply to Barbara Głuszcz.

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Dear Eva,
Your presentation is fantastic! Thank you for everything that you are doing for this project!

Posted on 24/11/12 21:20.

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Lucian Blaga HIghschool Romania
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Great job. I think my students will love it. Congratulations and thank you

Posted on 31/10/12 21:51.

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Congratulations! I love your Dream School poster. It's fantastic to motivate our pupils' creativity.

Posted on 01/11/12 17:24 in reply to Ula Rzodkiewicz.

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Hello Alina! I like your scrapbook very much! Thank you for sharing!

Posted on 08/11/12 19:24.

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