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we are so thrilled and excited to see that some of you have taken their free time to put together videos or photo collections. We would love to share them here with you! Putting them up in our blog on the front page slows down the system which is frustrating.  Leave a message that you posted something and everyone will know. Did you know there is a facebook COMENIUS BYIE group! Join! Well done!!!

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Teachers' final evaluation 


You have 30 days to answer it as well!! Kisses

Students' final evaluation


You have 30 days to answer it!! Enjoy!!!

Anniversary in Greece

 In March 1821 the revolution against the Othoman empire began in Greece, in the region of Peloponnese (South Greece), which was influenced by the French revolution under the dream to create an official Greek nation...

So, every 25 March all students take part in a parade to honour the heroes of that period...

In Karditsa all schools parade down our central street, Karaiskaki street. (where the teachers' hotels were)

Enjoy them!!


Our best student (the one who brings the best marks), this year our Comenius students Christos and Olga, is holding the Greek flag....



"Hymne" Rehearsal at our school

 Today, 30.1., was a religious day-off for our schools in Greece. So, we took advantage of this, and we met to learn sing the song and dance the choreography.We still have some problems with the choreography from Norway, as it is only me, who was there!! Thanks to my students for dedicating their free time in our project..:)




7th Gymnasium of Karditsa wishes you Merry Christmas- ΚΑΛΑ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥΓΕΝΝΑ

Click here, if you want !!!


"Christmas means joy, light and hope"

The students of Class C..

Impression on the week in Otelu Rosu

Anniversary in our school


 Our Students of Class 9. sang, read poems or proza texts and some of our boys performed a theatrical play about this event...









One Year Being Young in Europe- the German perspective

a video by Renata about our last meeting in Karditsa!!

Our Music Mentors of Eduventis

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