Nicolaus Copernicus, Poland

I was in Warsaw, 5-7.06.2014

Copernicus in Warsaw on PhotoPeach

Copernicus was in Spain and told us about his life.
Copernicus in Poland again

 On 27th May 2014 Copernicus returned back home. He looked very tired but children are very happy that he is at home after such a long journey from Poland, through Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal, to Poland again.


Sixteenth Lunch - I had lunch with Lousã students and Alexander the Great

On January 2014, the 8th grade classes organised a sixteenth century lunch monitored by the History teacher with the help of Mrs. Margarida who works at the Cookery Club, the students and teachers had the pleasure to meet the genius Nicolau Copernicus and Alexander the Great.

The aim of this activity was to get to know more about spices and ingredients from other continents.

The main dish was saffron rice with cashews, peanuts and roast turkey. The soup was made of cabbage, beans, onions and garlic. The desert was chocolate mousse. Yummy!

It was a great lunch worthy of the kings of the sixteenth century. 

I've arrived in Lousã 2 weeks ago

 A beautiful day,  a beautiful city, what else  can I ask for?

I've already heard, something about the charm of Lousã, but nothing else compared to reality,... but what really impressed me  was the welcoming attitude of Lousã eTwinning team.


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Hello friends, Look what children from El Toboso have learnt about me!

I am going to spend my summer holidays here with them, in El Toboso, Spain!


See you in September!!

Keep in touch!!

Educationa trip to Casal Velino / Acciaroli

Educational trip to Casalvelino / Acciaroli on PhotoPeach

Holiday on the Amalfi Coast with Francesca


In those days I was on holiday on the Amalfi Coast with Francesca. we have visited many countries bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea as Amalfi, Sorrento, Maiori, Minori, Vietri. The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline known throughout the world for its natural beauty, home to major tourist sites. Considered World Heritage by UNESCO takes its name from the town of Amalfi, the central nucleus of the Coast not only geographically but also historically. The Amalfi Coast is known for its diversity: each of the countries of the Coast has its own character and its own traditions. The Amalfi Coast is also known for some typical products, such as limoncello liqueur made from lemons in the area, anchovies and canned fish produced in Cetara, and pottery made and hand-painted in Vietri

Weekend with Carlotta


Saturday and Sunday I was with Carlotta in Maratea and Potenza. Maratea is a beautiful place of Basilicata, so that for its picturesque coastal and mountain landscapes, and for the artistic and historical peculiarities, is one of the main tourist destinations in the region, so come often nicknamed the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea. For lunch we ate cutlet, roasted cheese and chips. On Sunday we went for a walk around the city of Potenza and we tasted some local products such as cheese, sausage and headcheese, homemade bread

My arrive in the Primary School of Rionero in Vulture


Today  I arrived in the Primary School of Rionero in Vulture. My arrival was greeted with joy and enthusiasm by the students of class III C-D-E. At first I made ​​friends with the students. Lorenzo and Arianna have played for me a few songs to diamonica. Subsequently we have deepened my knowledge through research on the net and watching videos on youtube

I've arrived in E1' class, 12th Primary School of Galatsi, Greece
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After a short stay with us Copernicus is ready to continue his trips to Europe. Goodbye Copernicus. We were very happy that we met you.
My third trip to Athens.
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My second trip in Athens...
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My first trip in Athens.
Primary School nr 9

Click the picture below to see me at my school in Dzierżoniów, Poland.

Copernicus is ready

And it's ready to travel around Europe to visit your schools :)

And know him. See the presentation below:


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