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Activity 1. Let’s get to know each other
In September our pupils are going to create their personal cards in the shape of a flower and after that we are going to prepare a class ‘bouquet’. It might be decorated with the national flag. Each school will take photos of their designs, make a photo collage (Picasa) and upload it into our TwinSpace Image Gallery. Let’s take as many photos as possible during the whole project and collect the most interesting in the Image Gallery. We might use them at the end of the project in our project trailer.
If you want, you are also welcome to create a video (with pupils’ presentations) consisting of photos and/or short video clips using Animoto or  Smilebox (you will find the tutorials in our Staff Room). Both of them are free services. If you decide to do that, while signing up, please apply for a teacher’s account. You will get the possibility of making longer videos (Animoto) with a wider variety of designs (Animoto, Smilebox). The videos can be embedded into our blog below this wiki.
Those who are ICT lovers might additionally create a word cloud consisting of the pupils’ names (ImageChef). The deadline for all the tasks is 30th September. 

ImageChef Word Mosaic -



  Flowers from all the partner countries


Proposals for our project header 



Photobucket Photobucket


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Which header do you like: 1, 2, 3 or 4? Please take part in our quick poll which is below. The best one is going to be placed at the top of each page. As for the logo, the pupils are going to create it in September.

Posted on 29/07/12 16:42.

Top Top
I like the first one :-)

Posted on 03/08/12 09:32 in reply to Ula Rzodkiewicz.

Top Top
I like the 4th one.

Posted on 09/08/12 15:33 in reply to Ula Rzodkiewicz.

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I like the second one, there aren't enough occasions to use orange in the normal world...

Posted on 22/08/12 10:12 in reply to Ula Rzodkiewicz.

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I like the firs one

Posted on 22/08/12 10:16 in reply to Ula Rzodkiewicz.

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I like the fourth heading because green colour is colour of life.

Posted on 22/08/12 11:34 in reply to Danka Stamenova.

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Hi,I like the first one .

Posted on 22/08/12 17:50.

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Hello Ula,
I like all your ideas :-)
One more thing - I know that our project should be fun not stress :-)) but we should have some deadlines for our steps - what do you think ?
So when we should be ready with Team introduction ?

Posted on 25/08/12 10:50.

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I like the 4th one.

Posted on 25/08/12 18:56.

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Can the deadline for Activity 1 be 30th September?

Posted on 26/08/12 22:30 in reply to Eva Münchová.

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yes ,it is ok for my school 30 th september

Posted on 28/08/12 22:12 in reply to Ula Rzodkiewicz.

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For me the deadline is ok.

Posted on 29/08/12 17:54.

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All sounds good to me - is it possible to put the 'Activities' in date order? Perhaps number them or something so I can tell which one should go first.

Posted on 29/08/12 19:53.

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Dear Sway,
I wish I could. There is no possibility to change the order of the pages in our Twinspace but there is only one problem: the logo is before the school. From now on we will try to put all the activities in date order :-)

Posted on 29/08/12 22:07 in reply to Sway Grantham.

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My favourite is the fourth one! but I like all the others too... Great job!

Posted on 03/09/12 16:21.

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What are 'personal cards in the shape of a flower'? Not sure what my children have to do for this activity? We do not have permission to take photos of all of the children so as it would be unfair to allow some and not others we cannot take photos of the children.

Posted on 09/09/12 23:26.

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Dear Sway,
You don't have to take photos of your pupils. Each kid is going to prepare a paper flower with a name to show their creativity. The class 'bouquet’ will consist of all those flowers. It will be interesting to see all the partners' designs :-) Let's take a lot of pictures of the flowers and the bouquet in order to create a slideshow. It would be a good idea to upload the photos in our Image Gallery below. They could be used in our common presentation at the end of the project.

Posted on 10/09/12 14:27 in reply to Sway Grantham.

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I have completed this activity with my class and we took photographs of our flowers however I haven't had chance to upload them yet and my school laptop has gone flat. Stupidly I left the charger at school over the weekend! They will be posted as soon as possible, where do I put them?

Posted on 29/09/12 12:02.

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Dear Sway,
Thanks for letting us know :-) Don't worry - we will wait :-) There is a special photo gallery below (at the bottom of this page). Please, upload your photos into UK folder. If you create a presentation with the photos, please embed it in a blog which is also below. You will see there the presentations created by other teams. Please watch them with your kids and make comments on them.

Posted on 30/09/12 10:11 in reply to Sway Grantham.

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Thanks a lot, we will do that Wed!

Posted on 30/09/12 21:03 in reply to Barbara Głuszcz.

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I hope you all will like Czech flowers :-)

Ponent's flowers (Inca,Spain) 1st and 2nd

Ponent's flowers (Inca, Spain) 3rd and 4th

Gaziantep -Turkey flower presantation


Our flowers are here! :) 



United Kingdom Flowers

 Here are our class flowers:










We hope that you enjoy them

Romanian bouquet
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My Class Bouquet

25 our bouquet of flowers smiling to you!

Malagón (Spain) Presentation
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Eglaines pamatskola
Polish team
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Team introduction

Dear partners,

next week we are going to start working on our Team flower bouquet.

Now you can see a few photos of our team in picture gallery.

We are looking forward to your pictures and photos.


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