Miguel de Cervantes, Spain

Time to say goodbye but keep in touch

The school year is going to and end, and this project too. It has been wonderful travelling around Europe and meeting you. This project and will be always in my memories. Next year it will be the aniversary of the second part of Don Quixote de la Mancha, my most famous book. You are invited to visit me and visit our beautiful village El Toboso, very famuous in my book. Keep in touch, Miguel de Cervantes

Cervantes has come back to Spain


After spending a wonderful time travelling around Europe, I have come back to Spain, to my School.

We have prepared this fun goodbye with the children of 4th class and the eTwinning Girls.

It has been nice meeting with you!!

Keep in touch my dear friends!!

Lots of kisses!!



Visit to Rome



On May 20, with the students of class V AB we have carried out a study trip to Rome. We were in this city a couple of days and visited the most interesting and representative of the Italian capital. The stay in this city gave way also to know and appreciate the quality of the Roman culinary tradition, 

Easter in Rionero in Vulture

Carnival in Rionero in Vulture

Carnival In Rionero

Hello, yesterday with the students of class IV D we celebrated Carnival. My friends rioneresi are masked and all together we danced, played and walked around town. In a neighborhood of Rionero there were bouncy castles and with Pasuale we had so much fun on the slide. There were also many stalls with local products rioneresi, including grilled bratwurst
A day in the farm of Michele
Today, Michael has been kind enough to host me and show me his farm animals and tools. I spent a very interesting day in direct contact with nature
Hello from Italy

 Today I and my friend Mirò  arrived in Italy, where pupils have received us with great enthusiasm.


Cervantes and Mirò in our school

Goodbye Greece!

  I've just been packed by 6A pupils (12th Primary School of Galatsi, Athens) and I'm ready to travel to Italy.

Goobye dearest Greek friends!  I'll let you know when I arrive in Italy.



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Just arrived in 6a class, 12th Primary School of Galatsi
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Did you know that there is a statue of Miguel de Cervantes in Greece?

It is in Nafpaktos, 220 klm. away  from Athens.

We went there and took some photos to show you!

Enjoy them!




I arrived in Athens, in the 12th Primary Scool of Galatsi
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I arrived in E2 class of 12th Primary Scool of Galatsi. There they had a surprise for me which I will show you soon.
I visited Wrocław in Poland

Polish students studied my life and learnt about my novel "Don Kichote from La Mancha":


In May 2013 the youngest of my Polish friends - class 1c, took me on a trip to Wrocław, the biggest city in Lower Silesia, the region  where Dzierżoniów is situated. I saw the city, learnt how to make colourful lollipops and visited a science centre, where with children I could make a lot of very interesting experiments. See yourself:


In May I was on a trip in Jura Park in Krasiejów

On 17th May my Polish friends took me to Krasiejów, where I saw tens (about 70 kinds) dinosaur models, a museum on an archeological site (the only one such museum in Europe!), a lot of fossils, a 3D film about the Earth evolving  till the dinosaurs appeared. At the end we had time to play on to fantastic playgrounds. My friends took a lot of photos to show you the trip.


On a trip to JuraPark in Krasiejów on PhotoPeach
Cooking with Olga

Miguel de Cervantes in Poland

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Miguel de Cervantes in Luzim Primary school - Penafiel
Celebrating Spring with Miguel Cervantes in 21 March



Hello, friends:

Today is my last day in San Vicente. I hope my trip continues as exciting as it has been until now. I’ll see you all soon.

A big kiss from:




Hello, friends:

I am Miguel de Cervantes and I am in Mata Linares School. I am having a great time with these students. Sorry for being so late but the work with the video took a bit of time ;)

I hope you like the video I have done with the priceless help of these fantastic children

See you soon...




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