European Day of Languages

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Happy European Day of Languages 2013!
Enjoy the slideshow! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)

Happy European Day of Languages 2013! by Slidely - Slideshow maker

Darina's video is great!
Visit the link and enjoy it! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Do you speak languages?
Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Each word is different!
Enjoy the map! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
How many languages!
Enjoy it! All the best, Bulgarian Team :)
How Many Languages? Slideshow: My’s trip to Sofia was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!
AnswerGarden is great!

How many languages?... at

Celebra con noi la giornata europea delle lingue!
Happy European Day of Languages!Честит Европейски ден на езиците! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
European Day of Languages

Happy Europen Day of Languages!

Italian team!

European Day of Languages
Dear all, here is a mind map about European Day of Languages made on You can use it in your work with pupils. Enjoy the tool! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
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