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Topics - Description of the activity



Topics are chosen by the teachers


Each country chooses a theme.




The pupils write questions on a topic they have chosen.


This questionnaire is posted on the Twinspace and all the students answer it (including those who have posted it).


They send their answers through the Twinspace .


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Hi Carole!
can you give us an example, please? Which kinds of topics?

Posted on 21/01/13 22:08.

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Hi Marta!
Examples of topics:
- Family
- Sport
- School
- Music
- Cinema
There are many other topics we can choose

Posted on 21/01/13 22:19.

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We have been very busy with preparation for intermediary exams. Let me know which topicsa you are interested in.
In English students are working on topics related to addictions.

Posted on 06/02/13 18:48 in reply to Carole TERPEREAU.

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Hi Marta!
You can choose this topic about addictions if you want to, it's a good idea.
Our colleague is going to work with a topic about pupils'weight and height.
I think Sophie and I are going to work about hobbies (sports included).

Posted on 13/02/13 12:37 in reply to Maria Silva.

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OK. Thank you. I will study this possibility with our students. The problem is that they are so busy because of these intermediate exams. Theirs for English will be next week 22nd feb. After that I will concentrate on the project again.
We can choose other topics: future ambition which I think can also be interesting or technology.

Posted on 13/02/13 11:54 in reply to Carole TERPEREAU.

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we have already decided that our topics will be "family members" and "favourite meal".

Posted on 17/02/13 13:58 in reply to Maria Silva.

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ok Marta

Posted on 17/02/13 19:09 in reply to Marta Santandreu.

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Hi everybody!

Should we upload the questionnaire on the pupil's corner?

Posted on 02/03/13 11:05 in reply to Carole TERPEREAU.

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Hello Marta,
I prefer we don't use the pupils'corner.
You can upload the questionnaire in this activity "topics and questions"

Posted on 02/03/13 15:15 in reply to Marta Santandreu.

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Dear all,

This term is ending and we are having lots of preparatory exams for 9th graders. So, we will only be able to publish our questionnaire and answers by second week of April. My apologies for the delay.

Posted on 06/03/13 12:29.

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Hi Carole

I can't find the place to upload the documents here (it is usually at the bottom of the page), so I posted them inside the activity "Vocabulary on Statistics".
See you!

Posted on 11/03/13 19:42 in reply to Carole TERPEREAU.

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Hi everybody!!

tomorrow (or maybe the following day) I think I will be able to upload some graphics with the results that the pupils made.

Here in our regiĆ³n we are waiting next week for "fallas", a typicall celebration. Students will have three free days next week, I'll send you pictures, we have so much fun!!

By the way, as soon as we're back from this holidays, we will prepare the Easter Cards.

Have a nice week!!

Posted on 11/03/13 19:46 in reply to Marta Santandreu.

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Hello Marta,
I added the file archives to put all documents.
Please could you remove your documents from the activity "vocabulary on statistics" and insert them into the new topic?
Many thanks !

Posted on 12/03/13 07:32 in reply to Marta Santandreu.

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