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Our answers

Hello partners,

we're sorry for  being so busy, we will answer all the questionnaires next week, on tuesday. I will send you ours when possible.

Best regards,


France - Survey about hobbies

Hi partners,

I uploaded the survey we prepared about hobbies.



Questions uploaded from the Netherlands

Dear all,


We uploaded two questionnaires about music en social media! We are looking forward to your answers!

Best wishes from the Netherlands!


Nienke van Drooge

Topic chosen by Portuguese team


We have chosen to work on the topic "Social networking" and we are finishing a questionnaire about the use of social network. We look forward to learn with your replies and compare what use each one of use make of these.

Dutch topics

Dear partners,


We in the Netherlands would like to work on "use of social media" and "personal life". Is that ok with you?

We already worked out the questions and will post them this week on the twinspace.


Beste wishes,

Nienke van Drooge

Our topics

Hello partners,

Here are the topics we are going to work with:

SPAIN : "family members" and "favourite meal"

UK :" height /weight" (problem with overweight in Europe, BMI and food culture in different countries)

FRANCE : "hobbies" (sports included)

PORTUGAL : "future ambition" or "technology"

THE NETHERLANDS: "use of social media" and "personal life

What about Sweden?




Topics - Description of the activity



Topics are chosen by the teachers


Each country chooses a theme.




The pupils write questions on a topic they have chosen.


This questionnaire is posted on the Twinspace and all the students answer it (including those who have posted it).


They send their answers through the Twinspace .

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