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Christmas parcels from France

Hi everybody!

Today I sent our Christmas parcels to The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain and Sweden.

I hope you will receive them soon.

Let me know when you will get them !




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Thanks Carole!
We have already send ours!

Posted on 13/12/12 23:21.

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We are looking forward to receiving them. Please Carole, let us know what you meant by "Christmas parcels" so that we can also sent .
We are going to post some of the videos of the students today.
Greetings from Portugal

Posted on 14/12/12 15:57.

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Hi Maria,
Our parcels contain some Christmas cards and some chocolates my pupils bought for yours. There are some surprises for teachers too.

Posted on 14/12/12 16:16 in reply to Maria Silva.

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