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Hello partners,

My pupils are finishing the presentation of our school. There are some pictures missing, we will take them when we will be back to school, in a couple of weeks. Then I will post the final document to the twinspace.

They have prepared postcards of our area, and they have written their personal presentation at the back.

I will send all postcards tomorrow.

Just let me know when you will receive them, and don't forget to take pictures !





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Nice postcards, Çarole!

We have started with the personal presentations in a power point (one power-point for each student). I think we will be able to upload them next week.

Next we will work on the presentation of our school all together, but this time the students will record themselves talking. And after that, the postcards (maybe a christmas postcard, around december).

Nice weekend for everybody

Posted on 26/10/12 11:47.

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thanks Marta !
Could you please do a similar work about postcards from your area, in order to introduce your region?
Christmas cards will be another activity, later in the project.
Many thanks for your commitment.
Bye bye

Posted on 26/10/12 15:07 in reply to Marta Santandreu.

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