Our school - Our area

Our school (1st part)

Hello friends!

we have uploaded a document where students presents some parts of our school. Hope you can see it, it's a powe point presentation.



Swedish postcards are in Draguignan

Hi !

French students received postcards from Sweden !

I uploaded 4 pictures.

Many thanks our friends!




Dutch postcards are in Draguignan


We received Dutch postcards !  Many thanks !

I uploaded 2 pictures.



France - Our school

Hello everybody!

In the files below you will find a Powerpoint presentation to discover our school, the "Collège Jean Rostand" in Draguignan.

Here is also a smilebox presentation:


Click to play this Smilebox slideshow


Enjoy !


Postcards from Portugal


French pupils received their Portuguese friends'postcards and gifts.

They are very happy !

I uploaded several pictures and here is a presentation:

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow



Best regards from Draguignan



British school VT2
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
British school VT1
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British school virtual tours.

Hallo partners,

We have added Virtual tours around St John Payne school.


Slideshow showing French postcards
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Hello partners,

My pupils are finishing the presentation of our school. There are some pictures missing, we will take them when we will be back to school, in a couple of weeks. Then I will post the final document to the twinspace.

They have prepared postcards of our area, and they have written their personal presentation at the back.

I will send all postcards tomorrow.

Just let me know when you will receive them, and don't forget to take pictures !





Our school and Our area - Description of the activity

Our school, our area


● The school will be presented in English and photos will be added.


● Then we will send real postcards to our partners.

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