Triangles in Sciences/Music/Arts

Romanian - Powerpoints presentations about triangles in Art, Music and Sciences

Hello France and Poland,

Ours pupils prepared PowerPoint presentations about triangles in Art, Music and Sciences.

We enter the holiday. We post the last documents soon. In July 10 we finish the project.
Beius team

Poland- triangles in Wrocław architecture

Hello friends!

Our student, Kamila K., was looking for triangles in our city. She took some photos. I've just upload presentation about triangles in Wrocław architecture.

 Best regards from Poland:)


France - Triangles in Arts

Today French pupils researched works of Arts linked to the triangle.

Here are some results in the file below.




France - Powerpoints presentations about triangles in Music and Sciences

Hello Poland and Romania,

Some French pupils prepared Powerpoint presentations about triangles in Music and Sciences.

You can read them following this link:

France-Powerpoint presentations about triangles in Sciences and Music




Presentation about Pascal triangle

Hello partners!

Here is link to first presentation about Pascal triangle:

Its authors are Paulina S. and Martyna B.


Worksheet about Pascal triangle


Pupils in Wroclaw were working on Pascal triangle. They had to find out how Pascal triangle is constructed and discover its interesting properties. First we were doing it in Polish, but now students are trying to work in English.

Here is our worksheet about Pascal triangle:

Triangles in Maths

Hi partners!

Polish pupils were working on the Pascal triangle and Sierpiński triangle.Take a look at their first presentation about construction of Sierpiński triangle:

Authors of this presentation are Adam w., Bartosz C. and Tymon P.



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