Final Thoughts and Impressions:)

Towards the end of the project, the Rainbow Villagers were asked to vote for their favourite activity of the project. A poll was designed using 'Google Forms' and the rainbow villagers had to think hard and give just a single answer to the question "Which was the activity you enjoyed the most in the Rainbow Village project?" Today, we announce the results of this poll. 
According to the Rainbow Villagers, the activity they enjoyed the most was 'Making the model of the Rainbow Village'! 'Making the flag and the emblem of the Rainbow village' was the second most pleasant activity and 'creating new characters (identities and avatars) comes third! A lot of Rainbow Villagers seemed to enjoy taking part in competitions as well as making the handmade scrapbook that travelled from country to country. 5 per cent of the Rainbow Villagers said that they enjoyed making tourist guides for the Rainbow village and writing and singing the anthem of the Rainbow Village. Another 4% answered that they liked making voki quizzes and a 3% answered that they had fun drawing the maps of the Rainbow Village and planning the Election Campaign. All of the other activities follow, being voted by 1% of the Rainbow Villagers each:)