Task 5e:Tokens of mutual friendship!

A little surprise by the Greek group!

The Greek group of the Rainbow Village had a really wonderful idea! Inspired by the leading story of the Rainbow Village project, as well as the work of the artist Nidhi Chanani , they created a storybook using

'storybird' entitled " The True Story of the Birth of the Rainbow Village".

They dedicate this book to all their wonderful partners and they wish

that they get to work together again in the near future!:)


                               The True Story of the Birth of the Rainbow Village! on Storybird
A beautiful song and a goodbye message by our French partners!

A pleasant surprise by our Romanian partners!


Since we have had 2 beautiful years of e-twinning, our teacher thought a couple of days ago that it was time to celebrate. It was teacher’s idea, but we agreed immediately. We first thought it was just a meeting to discuss the next tasks for the project, but a big chocolate cake was waiting for us to sweeten the celebration. We were about 25 students from 5 different classes that were involved in etwinning projects; 14 Rainbow Villagers but also some older students in our school that had taken part in a very successful project the previous year, ‘Young Poets Society’.

So, we gathered together and changed opinions about the project that made us cooperate with students and teachers from other countries. I suddenly realized what this entire project meant to me. I made new friends, I learned a lot of things and now I can say that I used my imagination the way I wanted, helped by our teacher. And who says that you can’t have fun writing? I only hope this won’t be the last activity coordinated by her because that moment there will be nobody to help me use my creativity. Thank you teacher! I want you to know that you mean a lot to us.

            written by

Teodora Patriche – inhabitant of the rainbow Village

Our Romanian partners talk about the Rainbow Village!

A gift of friendship from our Polish partners!

 This film was prepared by Polish students for all partners of the Rainbow Village project:)


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