Task 5: Let's organize a party to celebrate the birth of our Rainbow Village

 The half fairy and half mermaid creatures have softly dropped the survivors who, full of hope and joy, enter the Rainbow Village. They were ready to face their marvellous destiny and lay the ground for their new village. First they have organized a general election to appoint their leader so they have voted for election rules and they have listened to several candidates presenting their programmes. Then they have chosen the best one because he was the wisest and the strongest man.



Can you see them ? They are now parading the village. They are proudly walking past multi-colour houses, the fruit like-building and the lollipops trees until they reach a pole with a bunch of flowers at its top. Suddenly they lift their head and see a chariot pulled by three eagles. They hover, go down and turn around the village. What are they holding in their claws ? It looks like a piece of material ! It's their flag !

A man, surrounded by fantastic animals : dragons, minotaurs, centaurs and licorns is standing nearby. All of a sudden, the magic animals gather in an alley and start playing the trumpets. The man walks past the crowd and waves at them. Who is he ? the people wonder. But listen ! He's started talking !


Hark fellow citizens ! Welcome to the Rainbow Village, your village ! I am your mayor. I have organized a party to celebrate your arrival. Please follow the dragons and their assistants, the blue minotaurs, to register. But first you must meet these two challenges : share a dish from your country and share a dance. And the masterpiece of this event : the singing of uour national anthem !


    Let's organize a party to celebrate the birth of our Rainbow Village !!


    Activity 1 : Now that your mayor is elected, write the Rainbow Village anthem. Deadline 15th of May

    1) make your fellow citizens discover your own country”s anthem. Add a link to listen to the anthem together with its background story


    2) each country writes a stanza (four lines) for our Rainbow Village anthem following this time schedule :

    • Romania : 1st stanza

    • Poland: 2nd stanza

    • Italy: 3rd stanza

    • Turkey: 4th stanza

    • UK:  5th stanza

    • Greece: 6th stanza

    • France: 7th stanza

      Each country should keep the anthem for only three days and then forward it to its partners, meaning that it would take it only 15 days to travel round).

    3) once the anthem has been written, sing it and record it

    Activity 2 : your village needs a new flag. Deadline 15th of May 

    1) study the symbolism of colours in flags

    2) make your "virtual flag" with the help of a blank flag model (the model is to be posted on twinspace)

    3) vote for the best flag

    4) draw the emblem of the Rainbow Village with the help of a blank emblem (this model is to be posted on twinspace)

    Activity 3 : organize a cultural event. Deadline 30th of May

    1 ) each country selects dessert recipes (maximum of two). 

    2) all recipes are collected in a recipe book (an e-book with photos, if possible)

    3) during a virtual meeting, choose a dessert from another country, prepare it and taste it while sharing your impressions with your partners. This meeting should take place in the first week of June, as some of our partners will be on holiday in June.

    Activity 4 : prepare " The dictionary of the Rainbow Village friends". Deadline 6th of June

    1) select a maximum of 20 words to be translated in all partner languages (possible words : 1) Rainbow, 2) friendship 3) nature 4) peace 5) freedom 6) solidarity etc). This dictionary could travel as follows :

    • Greece

    • Poland

    • Italy

    • Turkey

    • France

    • Romania

    • the UK

    2) create short videos where you will pronounce the English word, and then translate the word in your mother tongue.

    Activity 5 : not compulsory, to be done only if you have time organize a "surprise" for your correspondants : for example post a video on twinspace, send a card to your country partners as a token of their mutual friendship