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APPACDM de Viana do Castelo

APPACDM – Associação Portuguesa de Pais e Amigos do Cidadão Deficiente Mental, Viana do Castelo, Portugal. APPACDM is a Portuguese association founded 40 years ago by parents and friends situated all over the Minho region (Viana do Castelo district). It caters for about 700 pupils in five different types of centres: 1 Kindergarten, 4 Occupational Activity Centres, 3 Training Centres, 3 Educational Centres, 1 Sheltered Employment Centre and 10 Residentials. APPACDM was constituted as a Resource Centre to support mainstream education as a result of the new educational changes recently adopted by the government. This district is in a very poor region of Portugal with a very high level of people with learning difficulties. We are also experiencing inward migration which also presents certain challenges to our community. Within Viana there are a number of gipsy communities. Many members of these communities live in the care of the local authority. This project will work with students who attend the APPACDM's Educational and Training Centre in Areosa. There are 56 students aged 15+ with special needs (moderate and severe learning difficulties, with challenging behavior and with some physical disabilities). The young people come mostly from very low social economic backgrounds. Their families/carers have traditionally worked in the construction industry or are members of a large community of the long term unemployed. A number of our pupils are looked after children; living in either care or with foster families.



Report carried out by a local digital television in 2007 on the need to open up one more social response of APPACDM in the district of Vianado Castelo. All images were recorded at the Areosa Educational and Training center.


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