Võru Järve School is a municipal school that provides education for pupils with a wide range of disabilities aged from 7 to 19 years. Pupils come from all over the Võru County and a good proportion of them travel a long way to school each day. Pupils' have a wide range of special educational needs, from moderate mental to profound and multiple learning difficulties. All pupils have a statement of special educational needs. Many pupils also have additional needs arising from autistic spectrum disorders or medical problems. Many families also have social problems Most of the pupils are Estonian. A few pupils are under the care by the local government. Based on the PEP-R test and consultations with parents we prepare an individual learning plan for pupils, including their social and cultural development. Võru Järve School also acts as a support centre for parents and families, and as a rehabilitation centre for target groups. The school has actively participated in Comenius projects and the experiences we have gained shaped the following activities: sports, hikes, learning about the nature, seasonal works around the school and in the garden, cooking etc. Our region is renowned for its organic farming, which allows us to include a practical outcome for promoting healthy foods and lifestyles. The school's staff collaborated with active parents to create a non-profit organization Meiela in order to create an employment centre for the target group. The school has a long history of cooperation with a local vocational school to develop our pupils' social skills, prepare them for independent life and support them in entering the job market. Võru Järve School has been recognized for its efforts to improve the social inclusion of students with special needs into the region.

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