Task 4e: Electing the Mayor of the Rainbow Village!


A 'thank you' speech by our new Mayor!


 Polls will remain open until June 15th! No vote will be calculated after that day! The Results will be announced on June 16th!


Jean de la Motte: His speech for the election campaign

Pitt Cambridge: His speech for the election campaign

Coran's speech

Natalia's speech

Rocky's speech
Kwone Ariz's speech
Güneş Dolunay's speech
Adele's speech,recorded for a radio show!
Jenny's speech recorded for a radio show!
Adele Petit's speech just before the elections!

Adele's speech! 

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Jenny Besworth's speech just before the elections!

Jenny's speech! 

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The Forest Man's and Jessica's speeches just before the elections!

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"Vote for Jessica" poster!


 "Vote for the Forest Man" poster!


"Vote for Adele" poster!


"Vote for Jenny" poster!


"Vote for Coran" poster!


"Vote for Natalia" poster!


"Vote for Güneş Dolunay" poster!


 "Vote for Kwone Ariz poster!


 "Vote for Rocky Paradox poster!

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