Have fun with Easter

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Happy Easter to all of you

 We wish you a Happy Easter. In The Czech Republic, boys go carolling with willows twigs called poml√°zka and they beat girls and women, they ask for eggs. That is why this festival isn´t very popular with girls and women.



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They seem to be having great fun in the pic, especially the boys.
Funny (peculiar) custom that of yours Czech partners!
Still laughing it out !!

Posted on 01/04/12 11:33.

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Hi it is true, the only bad thing is that they usually get a small glass of alcohol in every family. The sort is different, wine, rum, whiskey, brandy and in the afternoon, you can see a lot of drunk men in the streets.

Posted on 01/04/12 11:44 in reply to paulino tamayo.

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Interesting tradition! Doesn't girls get hurt?
I wouldn't like to be a girl those times in the Czech Republic...

Posted on 04/04/12 23:35.

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