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Happy Easter from Poland

We hope you like our Easter custom called "ŚMIGUS DYNGUS". On Easter Monday men pour women with water ;)


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Easter doesn´t seem to be the right time - according to Poland´s weather - to get soaked to the skin with cold water, does it ?
Anyway, girls can always take to their heels, or not ?

Posted on 02/04/12 09:39.

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Well, sometimes Easter is quite sunny;-) Of course, women try hard not to get soaked nowadays. In the past, the wetter the girl was, the happier she was as it meant she was popular with boys:-) Unfortunately, the custom lost its meaning and it happens that boys pour liters of water on whoever appears. But the majority still remembers, it's a CUSTOM and women usually give men some sweets for being poured - often with some perfumes instead of water.

Posted on 02/04/12 15:24 in reply to paulino tamayo.

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It's really a peculiar tradition! Most alike that one on the Czech Republic.
We don't have that kind of tradition in the Iberian Peninsula, do we Paulino?

Posted on 04/04/12 23:37.

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