Have fun with Easter

Learning something new every day



Thank you for permanent inspiration. My students have created mosic and made thier own child´s page but I can´t see them.

Spring in the Czech Republic


Portuguese "FOLAR"

This kind of 'cake' is called "FOLAR".

Although this movie is in Portuguese, I think you can easily follow the instructions . If you don't , just ask me and I'll help you.

Try it! It's delicious!!!  



In Portuguese, Easter is Páscoa.

Happy Easter from Poland

We hope you like our Easter custom called "ŚMIGUS DYNGUS". On Easter Monday men pour women with water ;)


Happy Easter to all of you

 We wish you a Happy Easter. In The Czech Republic, boys go carolling with willows twigs called pomlázka and they beat girls and women, they ask for eggs. That is why this festival isn´t very popular with girls and women.


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