6.- Particular fields

How are Particular Fields of Studies organized compared to the other participating european countries?

Task 2: Presentation Possible Year 1 Task 2 Meeting Adana
Present results of

Arts & Humanities – Science & Health & Technology – Social Science

Present information about higher education in your own country according to the streams as mentioned, and compare with the other countries during the exchange in Turkey. Details for comparison as mentioned below.

During the exchange
First, each country will give a formal presentation of what they have found out about their country’s educational opportunities for everyone.
Then students from different schools will be divided into topic groups Arts&Humanities, Science&Health&Technology and Social Science. Each school must make sure that they have students who can speak about at least two of these streams, but preferably all three.
# In the topic groups discuss the differences and similarities between the participating countries.
# Based upon the discussion, each group presents a list of the qualities of  the institutions of higher education in each country.  Choose the most interesting institutions to present. The choice should be the choice of your group.
# Explain the results of your group discussion during the presentation.
# End with a top 5 list of institutions of higher education where your topic group would like to study. Give reasons for your choices.

Specifications task 2 for the work before the Adana meeting:
Explore learning opportunities in the strams of study (see above en specifications below) in your own country that will be interesting for foreign students as well (think about language!). You should focus on specific learning institutions that you believe are interesting.
Focus on:
- Higher vocational education (if relevant for your country)
- University
- International universities and/or university colleges
- Private universities
In your presentation you may want to focus on representative, well-known or international institutions of higher education for the individual streams.
The following aspects should be included in your presentation
    - Qualifications
    - Financial aspects
    - Different degrees and titles
    - Application procedure
- Languages (and is it possible to do a quick language course) etc.
- Career opportunities (e.g. future jobs)
The European Union has made it easier for students to go and study abroad. What kind of exchange programs are available at your universities for foreign students?
Add websites if you find them that might be useful for your friends.

- Work in groups --> ask your teacher for the group size. Four students will present at the Adana Conference. Make sure all students participate in the presentation.
- Prepare an oral presentation of 10 minutes. Afterwards: 5 minutes for questions.
- Show a Photostory/powerpoint/prezi/keynote as part of your presentation.

       STREAM                                         TOPICS OF STUDY
Arts & Humanities        
                           - Antiquity
                                                               - Art History
                                                               - History
                                                               - Linguistics
                                                              - Literature
                                                              - Music theory  

                                                              - Philosophy
                                                              - Religious Studies
                                                              - Theatre, Film and Media Studies
                                                              - Women’s and Gender Studies
                                                              - Music Performing

Science & Health &Technology               - Biology
                                                              - Biomedical Science
                                                              - Cognitive Science
                                                              - Computer Science
                                                              - Earth and Environmental science  

                                                              - Life Science
                                                              - Mathematics
                                                              - Physics
                                                              - pre-medical program
                                                              - Engineering

Social Science                                       - Anthropology
                                                              - Economics
                                                              - Global studies / human geography
                                                              - International relations
                                                              - Law
                                                              - Political Science
                                                              - Psychology
                                                              - Sociology


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