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WE SINCERELY WELCOME YOU TO OUR TOWN ! The Vulcan Municipality is one of the beautiful places from Jiu’s Valley. It is situated near the West Jiu River, on The Valcan Mountain feet. The medium elevation is 680m. It is crossed by The National Road DN 66A (Petrosani-Valea de Pesti). We invite you to visit the beauty of these places and to find out the economic and touristic opportunities from our town. The story says that a lot of years ago a shepherd had come down from the mountains in the valley, because he was weary of the life from the mountains. He built an adobe house between the two villages: Crevedia and Vaidei and the union of these took the name of Vulcan. During the years, here was a community of workers and functionaries for assuring the guard and the control in Vulcan Pass, the main border point to Romanian Country. Till the railway Simeria -Petrosani was built, Vulcan was the administrative and economical center of Jiu's Valley. The first documentary attested is in the year 1462 by the king Matei Corvin and at that time it was a border point. In 1952 it became town and in 2003 our town was declared municipality. In its territory there are included the integrated localities: - Dealu Babii (The Old Woman's Hill)- that is crossed by the old Roman Way through Merisori to Tara Hategului - Jiu Paroseni Dealu Babii is a little village near the town place; it is an autochthon place where the time remained. Here, the people are keeping the traditions (Christmas carols, sheep's measurement, others) as in the old times and the mush, the potato and the cheese are the basic food of these people. They have also the traditional cloths that made them special and unique.
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