International and national events

World Oceans Day
Dear friends and partners, on 8th June we celebrate World Oceans Day. Our children made drawings of sea creatures on asphalt. The worked with joy and pleasure. Hope that you will like them! Let's save the seas and oceans! Keep the planet clean and green! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Earth Day in Lublin / Poland
DzieƄ Ziemi 2012 on PhotoPeach
Green Planet
Be Kind To Our Planet! Let's Keep It Clean and Green! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
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Earth Day 2012

Gina, Filomena and the pupils

Earth Hour 2012

Gina, Filomena and the pupils

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From Gina

We  also can save our planet reducing the the usage of energy!

Possiamo salvare il nostro pianeta anche riducendo il consumo di energia! Italian team

Kind regards, Bulgarian Team :)