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Recycled dolls

"Dolls, dolls, they're everywhere....".  Trying to say some verses of Herry Miller's  poem " Dolls" , children introduce you the dolls they made reusing plastic bottles and Easter eggs and cakes and flowers wrap papers.

" Bambole, bambole, sono dappertutto...". Provando a recitare alcuni versi della poesia di Herry Miller "Bambole", i bambini vi presentano le bambole realizzate riusando bottiglie di plastica e incarti di uova e di torte di Pasqua e di fiori.

Gina, Filomena and pupils

Recycled butterflies

Little glass bottles and scraps of photocopies, Here's what children used (reused!) for their  graceful butterflies!

Bottigliette di vetro e ritagli di fotocopie, ecco ciò che i bambini hanno usato (riusato!) per le loro graziose farfalle!


Gina, Filomena and pupils!

ORIGAMI - Flower

Photo Cube Generator

Oane of my students, Andreea, loves folding paper. She made wonderful things . This is a flower she made using ORIGAMI . It seems to be real. We hope you like it too.


Dear friends, here is another interesting platform for sharing our photos. Hope that you will like "Recycled Puppet" on Photosnack! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Paper Birds
Our students created different things of paper: birds, ships, frogs, flowers, insects, kites and others to show everyone that we can use paper many times, and make beautiful things. We'd like to share our ideas with partners. Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Recycled Gifts
Look at our "paper fans"! Let's sing and dance with them! Love of kisses, Reny, Darina and pupils :)
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Paper Bunnies

Let's reuse rolls of paper and scraps of photocopies / Riutilizziamo rotoli di carta e ritagli di fotocopie:

With love Gina, Filomena and pupils

An Easter penholder

 Absolute dictat for all the year:Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! In this way, referred to the enviromnent project, to celebrate Easter, like for Christmas, colourful penholdres made  using waste materials: plastic glasses, string and scraps of card. In this way pupils learnt to recycle waste to reuse and recycle them for decorative purpose. "Little actions ... for great changes"!

Dictat assoluto per tutto l'anno:  Riduci! Riusa! Ricicla! Così, in linea con il progetto ambiente, per celebrare la Pasqua, come per il Natale, coloratissimi portapenne realizzati con materiali di scarto: bicchieri di plastica, spago e ritagli di cartoncini.  In questo modo gli alunni hanno imparato a differenziare i rifiuti per poi riutilizzarli e riciclarli a scopo decorativo. "Piccole azioni...per grandi cambiamenti" !


Very nice video for kids!
Paper crocodile


You need :

* old newspaper

* glue

* paints

* your imagination

Things of plastic bottles
Spring flowers

Pupils are used to celebrate their birthday at school having a little party , during the break, with pastries, coke, tea or orangeade and of course many coloured plastic glasses to drink. They saved, reused and recycled them to make coloured spring flowers and decorate the classroom for the new season./

Gli alunni sono soliti festeggiare il loro compleanno a scuola avendo una festicciola, durante l'intervallo, con pasticcini, coca , te o aranciata e, naturalmente, tanti bicchieri di plastica colorati per bere. Li hanno conservati, riusati e riciclati per realizzare fiori primaverili e decorare l'aula per la nuova stagione.


Here 's the way children turned  the white plastic glasses, they use at the school canteen, in a fantastic snowfall in the classroom/ Ecco come i bambini hanno trasformato i bicchieri di plastica bianchi, che usano alla mensa scolastica, in una fantastica nevicata in classe:


Recycled Puppet
Our pupils made a craft from recycled paper. Hope that you will like it! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)
Christmas crafts: trees, snowflakes, Santa Claus

Here are what our children made with recycled materials: polystyrene, plastic bags and plastic glass/ Ecco casa i nostri bambini hanno realizzato con materiali riciclati: polistirolo, sacchetti di plastica e bicchieri di plastica:


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