Get to know each other better

Spain - Norway slideshow revival

 Spanish etwinning group presentation of their chat session held with Norwegian partners.

Portuguese glogsters - clothes

Profile Hunt competition- Czech group.


WE wanted to make our students read the profiles, so they got 13 questions and they had a hunt.

Here are the answers:

. an ice hockey player from Finland is Oho Siilas

2. Pinja from Finland has three cats.

3.  Veera from Finland  likes textile work.

4. Christina Norun Star´s birthday is on 26th February.

5. Amelie Dolmen  Wirkola plays football and dances  and loves hip hop.

6.    Frida Iversen from Norway has a beautiful collage.

7. Maciej Olas from Poland has a yorkshire terrier.

8. Marek Kobusinski from Poland dances  Melbourne Shuffle.

9.  Dominika Gogotek from Poland hates E nglish and Maths.

10. Bruna from Portugal is sitting on a little horse in the picture.

11. Diana from Portugal likes oranges.

12. Joel´s dog´s name is REX.

13. Sara Sanches from Spain plays the guitar.


 the winner Katka S.

The winner in the groups Adela V. and Anezka H.


and Anezka H.


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Profile hunt
Profile hunt Find who……………… 1. Who from Finland is an ice hockey player? 2. Pinja from Finland- what do you know about her? 3. Finland- who likes textile work? 4. Norway- whose birthday is on 26th February? 5. A girl from Norway who plays football and dances and loves hip hop 6. Norway- who has a beautiful picture collage? 7. Who is a Polish boy who has a yorkshire terrier dog? 8. Poland- a boy who dances dance Melbourne Shuffle ? 9. A girl from Poland who doesn´t like English and Maths 10. What is Bruna from Portugal doing in the picture? 11. What fruit does Diana from Portugal like? 12. What is the name of Joel´s dog /Portugal / ? 13. What musical instrument does Sara Sanches from Spain play?
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