Ideas – needs – suggestions on organizations • In some schools is very difficult to substitute teachers participating to Comenius meetings. Some ideas to overcome the problem: o Short meetings next to weekends so they can travel during weekends ( Sunday- Wednesday; wed.- Friday) having 2 working days and leaving cultural events, tourism to the first or last day o Using periods when there are not lessons at school ( beginning of September – June or July) • With 10 schools it’s also difficult to have general meetings in all the schools. We could have some general meetings with all the partners and others with groups of schools working in specific topic • Videoconferences using elluminate or flashmeeting can be planned to define work and activities ( easy, fast, free) • Some schools will have children in mobilities. We should decide if we want to have children joining teachers meetings ( with the problem of having some people attending the project meeting and others working with pupils) or class / group exchanges with children and their teachers visiting a partner school • Class to class twinning should be the main way to work. • Each school should have a coordinator but all the teachers participating in the project should be in contact with the others, in a free way, using email, skype and Twinspace • Twinspace can be the digital platform where teacher and pupils meet and work together. • Direct children participation is the main task of the project. • Cross curricular activities for the project to overcome problems of hours devoted to project •
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