JAVA & LeJos - international teaching and learning

We lunch the first international experience in teaching and learning Java by students.

Maltese students will teach french students and french students will put their achivements in the TwinSpace.

To start we have 3 international Lejos teams:


1Carla Portelli and Maria PortelliMichael Peat and Mathieu Durpoix
2Elena Gauci and Martina DimechLysandre Debut and Jérémy Lainé
3Ema Marie Xerri , Cathleen Rotin , Charlotte Cordina

Clement Regnacq and Thomas Fredet (monday's group)

Paul Chatry and  Damien Blanchard(tuesday's group)


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Finale presentation of our work on JAVA and NXT by Jérémy, Lysandre, Damien & Paul

Finale presentation by Jérémy, Lysandre, Damien & Paul

 Click to read


ACTIVITY 1: Our First Program

Assuming that everthing is set up, let's start the ball rolling with a simple activity consisting of two small tasks:

1.  Have a look at this clip ... Though you might be using JCreator ( a different IDE) from the one shown below, the principles are the same.

     You will get the basics for writing your first program.



 2.  Write a program in JAVA that will display the Easter greetings in our project partners' different languages.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

*                       L-GĦID IT-TAJJEB                       *

*                       HAPPY EASTER                          *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Use the Forum to ask students/teachers from the different countries participating in our project how they express Easter Greetings and then write your first program in JAVA to produce something similar to the above.  Feel free to ask Maltese if you encounter any problems. They are available to help.  Store your first programs in ACTIVITY 1 subfolder within the File Archive.

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Do you know how to display line numers in JCreator?

Posted on 13/04/12 21:41.

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All you have to do is click on View from the Menu bar and choose Show Line Numbers from the drop down list. emoticon

Posted on 23/04/12 16:26 in reply to Barbara Ponizy.

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Thanks Elena!
I didn't think that it could be so simple emoticon

Posted on 24/04/12 23:59 in reply to Elena Gauci.

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My 2nd question emoticon
Do you know how to print in bold type?

Posted on 25/04/12 11:03.

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Here you can see the progress in using Legos of  Monday's group:

Michael, Mathieu, Clement, Thomas

7th May : we have some login problems.
Can you please give us the Java program for this NXT action ?

If you can't do that, try to change the smiles with lights :

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Hi Michael, Mathieu, Clement, Thomas.
We will try during our next lesson (next Monday)

Posted on 10/05/12 23:08.

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It is not that easy to insert symbols in leJOS such as the smiley face.It may be possible,but so far for us it is not. Sorry! emoticon

Posted on 14/05/12 10:10.

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We understand and we're sorry...
We will find a other program ;)

Posted on 21/05/12 15:16 in reply to Martina Dimech.

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Here you can see the progress in using Legos of  Tuesday's group:

Jérémy, Damien, Paul, Lysandre

17th of April : we have a problem with the code that you can see beneath, perhaps you could give us some hints?





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Send us the actual code as it is a bit difficult to find the error from the screen shot.

Posted on 10/05/12 23:10.

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In the end of the line public class SI there should be a { instead of a (
The same should be done at the end of the line public static void main (String[] args)

Posted on 14/05/12 10:08.

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Our first steps with Lejos
Let's speak here about our achievements and difficulties
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What is Lejos?

How to install Lejos?

This is the procedure to be followed for configuring the computers to be able to develop JAVA programs with LeJos using JCreator for NXT Mindstorms robots.

1.      Install first the NXT Mindstorms software that comes with the robot kits. This will load some required libraries required by LeJos later.

2.      Install Java JDK 7 (  Select version compatible with your Operating System eg. Windows x86

3.      Install also the API documentation that comes with the JDK

4.      Install JCreator 5 and configure it.( Download the JCreator LE v5.0

5.      Try out a simple Java programs to check that JDK and JCreator have been properly installed.

6.      Download and Install leJos (

7.      Configure JCreator
(see “Setting up JCreator LE for programming the NXT” by Matthias Paul Scholz)


Introducing Lejos: Lesson idea

 I tried to find a methodology for teaching the LeJos content in our Computing curriculum that would complement my Object Oriented approach to programming in Java.

So I planned a lesson that started with a consideration (using references to examples of programs covered to date) of the basic principles of OOP covered so far, focussing mainly on the relationship between classes, objects and methods.  

The lesson moved on to use the presentation posted below to encourage students to use their knowledge of OOP to recognise the function of a number of lejos isntruction.  The lesson continued to thus elicit and stress the patterns in the structure of Java instructions.

As a hands-on exercise the students were asked to complete the lejos program on the worksheet posted below and then try it on the robotic device.

The lesson concluded my provoking students to compare the pros and cons of using NXT and Java, once again using the attached presentation to sum up the points.

One of the interesting things about this lesson was that it gave students a boost in their sense of self-confidence in their knowledge of Java.  So I thought of sharing it.

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