Breaking stereotypes and prejudices through media literacy

Film: "CRASH" , by Paul Haggis
(by Beatriz, Inês, Sofia)

Where-  Los Angeles, California                            When-  2005

The different ethnic groups involved: Indian;Iranian;Mexican;Korean;black and white people; Hispanic

Examples of discrimination/ racial prejudice: Racism and xenophobia

Characters and stories:
a)    A white housewife who lives with her DA husband.
b)    An Iranian store owner who has a problem with his insurance company.
c)    A black detective man and a Hispanic detective woman who are also lovers.
d)    A black TV director whose wife is molested by a cop.
e)    A Mexican locksmith whose child is afraid of street violence.
f)    Two black car-jackers who steal a car from a white couple.
g)    A white police officer who lives with his father.
h)    A rookie white cop who doesn’t like to work with his partner.
i)    A Korean middle-aged man who ends up in hospital.

This film is about racism and discrimination.
 The scene that has impressed us the most was when the white young cop killed the black man in the car just because he thought that the man had a gun just because he was a ghetto guy, but he was wrong and killed him anyway. It was such an unfair death.

Conclusion: We shouldn´t judge people just because of their race or religion. We are all the same and came from the same place... The only thing we have to do is  behave in society, make good decisions and help the ones in need. That´s the reason we are here for, to be kind and a good example. That´s the only thing we should worry about. Because at the end of the day, we are all the same!


character description

the Laughter in the back

did you know that … - Facts



Two and a Half Men is an American sitcom starring Charlie Sheen (Charlie Harper), Jon Cryer (Alan Harper) and Angus T. Jones (Jake Harper). In episode 9 Charlie Sheen died and since then Aston Kutcher has played Walden Schmidt.


Charlie was Jake’s uncle and Alan’s brother. He had a lot of one night stands – he was a womanizer and drank a lot. He loved gambling, smoking and wasted a lot of money on unnecessary things. Charlie didn’t like his mother because she liked to control him.


Since he was divorced from his wife Judith Alan has been living in Charlie’s house. He is the opposite of Charlie. He is not looking for a one night stand but for a woman all his life. He works as a chiropractor in his own surgery.


Jake is Alan’s son. On the weekends Jake also lives at Charlie’s house. Jake is a boy who likes food, women and his skateboard. He is very lazy, a typical couch potato.


The Laughter in the Back


The basic idea of the laughter in the back after the gags is to make people laugh and liven things up. As soon as we hear someone laugh, we feel happier. The laughter in the back dates back to a time when the sitcoms were filmed in front of an audience, so the laughter was real. Today you can still hear some laughter in the back in Two and a Half Men.





Did you know that…


… «Two and a Half Men» was broadcast first on CBS in the United States of America on 22 September 2003. We made it half a year later. At that time ProSieben showed the first series entitled «Mein cooler Onkel Charlie» from the second the original title was used.


… the ratings both in Europe and in the US are very good. Overseas the previous series reached about 15 million viewers without suffering greater losses. In recent years «Two and a Half Men» has been the most successful sitcom in the United States. In Germany and Austria the series reaches for both ProSieben and Kabel eins market shares of up to 20 percent which is above more than average. 2.5 million viewers regularly watch «Two and a Half Men».


… during the course of each episode the title is literally pronounced by one of the actors. That is why the original titles are rarely translated into German.


… the series so far has received numerous nominations and awards. Between 2004 and 2010 «Two and a Half Men» has been nominated 35 times for the Emmy Awards. Charlie Sheen was nominated three times for best actor. In addition the sitcom has received two nominations at the Golden Globe Award and won two People’s Choice Awards.


… Charlie Sheen was the best paid actor on American television. Up to the seventh «Two and a Half Men»-season he received about 825,000 US-dollar per episode. According to the US-magazine TV Guide he got 1.25 million dollar per episode from the eighth season onwards. The actor playing Jake, Angus T. Jones is with 250,000 dollar per episode the best paid child star on US television. Jon Cryer’s salary is 550,000 dollar.


… in the episode „I can see her scruples” (Series 3, Episode 7) Martin Sheen Charlie Sheen’s father, played the father of Charlie’s neighbour Rose.


… a feature of the series are the so-called “vanity cards”. In most episodes producer Chuck Lorre leaves a message in the credits. There you can often see one of his personal views that has got nothing to do with the series.


… there have already been numerous star guests in the series, such as the American actors Sean Penn (episode 2.01)and James Earl Jones (episode 6.11), the Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler (episodes 1.04 and 4.02) and rock singer Edward Van Halen (episode 7.01), who embodied themselves.


… Charlie Sheen is not innocent, even in real life. Because of alcohol and drug problems, he turned to a rehabilitation clinic in 2010. During that time the filming of «Two and a Half Men» had to be stopped. Alcohol and drugs were the reason that Sheen was finally discussed.





A "Bockwäldar" Production


by Patrizia Fritz, Tobias Koch, Sebastian Halder


What is How I met your mother?



he starting point of „How I met your mother“ is that Ted Mosby wants to tell his children how he got to know their mum in 2030.


The story starts in 2005. The 27 year old Ted had graduated in architecture, while his best friend and housemate Marshall Eriksen is attending his final year at a law school. At this time Marshall has met  kindergarten teacher Ally Aldrin. They get engaged in the first episode.


All three are friends with Barney Stinson. Barney is a womanizer, very convinced of himself and  always wearing a suit. He wants to teach Ted how to love and he always accosts women. They call themselves “Bro” (deduction from the English word “brother”)


On this way Ted also gets to know Robin Scherbatsky in the first episode. Originally she is from Canada and she works as a news anchor at a local TV station. After their first date Ted tells Robin that he fell in love with her. But this chills her because in contrast to Ted Robin doesn’t want a relationship. Because their characters are so different, they decide to be only friends although they like each other. So Robin is a part of Ted’s circle of friends.



Why is the series „How I Met Your Mother“ so lucrative?



How I Met Your Mother“ is getting better from week to week, because if you know the actors better you can laugh more about the jokes. The humour is more eclectic and more incalculable than in the series “Two And A Half Men”, which is always the same. „How I Met Your Mother“ in contrast brings jokes and situations which are less lurid and they will stay in the viewers’ minds forever. Maybe because of their changing from serious to sad sequences. Maybe because of the plots which are set over more episodes or even over more seasons. But you can understand what’s going on although you have missed one episode.




Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson is in his early thirties and almost always wears a suit, likes women with daddy issues and is always willing to express his opinion. In contrast to his best friend, Ted Mosby wants to settle down. Stinson is a  womanizer and has a lot of strategies and rules designed to meet women, sleep with them, and discard them. Stinson is the only single character in the show. He is a man who "likes to create crazy situations and then sit back and watch it all go down. He tends to be opportunistic and manipulative.









Ted Mosby


Theodore "Ted" Mosby is the main character and presenter of the series. At the beginning of the series, he is an architect later he becomes a lecturer of architecture at a university. He embodies the intellectual type of friend. He searches for his dream woman who shares his interests, gets married and wants to have two children.


While studying at Wesleyan University, he met Marshall and Lily. Later they went together to New York to study there.







Marshall Eriksen

Marshall is an easy-going, naive optimist from Minnesota. At the start of the series, Marshall lives with his best friend Ted Mosby and long-time girlfriend Lily Aldrin, which inspires Ted to get married and settle down.










                        Lily Aldrin

Marshall and Lily have met in her college dormitory and have been together for 9 years. The future wife of Marshall is a professional kindergarten teacher. She becomes Robin’s best friend. Her characteristics are that she is a shopaholic and cannot keep any secrets. In addition, she is interested in painting.











Robin Scherbatsky


Robin Charles Scherbatsky Jr. is a Canadian and shortly before the start of the story moved to New York, where she worked as a news anchor for the local television station "Metro News 1" .  At 16 she was a Canadian pop star under the stage name of Robin Sparkles.


At the beginning of the story she hosts a morning talk show. At first she has a relationship with Ted, and later with Barney. She likes guns and hockey but doesn’t like children and romance.







A Background Introduction to the task


This task is an assessable task which covers the broad subject of media in modern society. "Media" could be defined as a means of mass communications in our society. Media today takes several forms: the traditional print media of newspapers, and journals and magazines: broadcasting media through radio and television, and, more recently, digital media through the use of computers and the internet. There is now also the growth of "social media" a development from digital media, such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space  etc etc. There are many issues that arise from media in present society. This task requires you to research and address a topic of your choice below that looks at a particular issue in more details. For each topic in the list below, I have included several guiding questions to point you on what you might want to explore in the issue you have chosen. The task requires that you research your chosen topic, summarize your results of your research, thinking and views and present this research into a Power Point Presentation of about 15 minutes. You will be assessed on the quality of the material you have in your presentation, the depth and breadth of the topic covered and how you organize your presentation to capture the attention and interest of your audience.



TwinSpace- 2nd semester- Norway

6. Breaking Stereotypes and Prejudices Through Media Literacy

A. Gender: (Sources: AD’s, TV shows, Movies)

Marriage-breaking down prejudices on gender and sexual preferences

Skin Colour
Products (Male Female – Bikes and cars)
The things that men and women are allowed to do

B. Sexuality: (Sources: Movies, News Reports, Internet)
Heterosexuality – Normative

C. Appearances: (TV, Movies, AD’s, Internet)
Pretty (Thin, Fair, Tall)
Ugly (fat, short, wears specs – will not get job if not fair)
Vamp, Angel, Hero, Zero, Wife, Sister, Girlfriend
Cool, Nerd, Slut

D. Religion (News Papers, movies)
Hinduism focused TV shows
Specifying Religion in headlines if not related to Hindu’s
Number of kids, Hygiene & violence in communities
Exclusive Nationalism

E. Children (TV shows, AD’s, Internet, Examination system and media around it)
Better performance with white clothes
Successful student is one who is a sportsperson and an all rounder
Creating demand through children – manufacturing demand


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