Ethical consumption through media literacy

Do Media influence our buying habits?
(by Ana, Artur)
Of course, they do.

The Media influence our buying habits.
Commercials target young people by using what they value the most when they are teenagers: being accepted by their peers and their physical appearance, for example.
There is a funny commercial that came out three or four years ago that shows this:
AXE deodorant commercial
A young, pretty woman is teaching English to older people who repeat all the words that she is saying: man, woman, cat,
dog…Suddenly, a teenager comes in and after smelling his fragrance, she creates a new word that is immediately repeated and improved by the students.
The slogan: “Improve fragrances” means that if you use this deodorant you can have this impact.

4=3+oo portuguese commercial
(by Rafaela, Priscila)

This is the new commercial of PT which is a portuguese telecomunications company. They have just released their latest wireless technology called 4G (fourth generation).

How do they influence people to buy this product?

By having this message: : the faster you are the faster you can be. You can reach the future. This happens because of technological evolution. With the Internet that is faster than  the 3G and the image definition of the television, they show  that the fourth generation (4G) is better.

The producers of this commercial have mixtured different images with the purpose of valuing: movement, strength, speed, energy that comes from fire. They have also used different technological innovations: astronauts dressed as they were doing space tourism, for example. They have also chosen to show different topics that make part of our society: sports, different cultures, entertainment, past and present perspectives.


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A Background Introduction to the task


This task is an assessable task which covers the broad subject of media in modern society. "Media" could be defined as a means of mass communications in our society. Media today takes several forms: the traditional print media of newspapers, and journals and magazines: broadcasting media through radio and television, and, more recently, digital media through the use of computers and the internet. There is now also the growth of "social media" a development from digital media, such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space  etc etc. There are many issues that arise from media in present society. This task requires you to research and address a topic of your choice below that looks at a particular issue in more details. For each topic in the list below, I have included several guiding questions to point you on what you might want to explore in the issue you have chosen. The task requires that you research your chosen topic, summarize your results of your research, thinking and views and present this research into a Power Point Presentation of about 15 minutes. You will be assessed on the quality of the material you have in your presentation, the depth and breadth of the topic covered and how you organize your presentation to capture the attention and interest of your audience.



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5. Ethical consumption through media literacy

Understanding how the media has influenced our decisions to buy things.

Does our consumption benefit others and the planet? Thus, are we ethical consumers?

 How media can help in promoting a more sustainable world?

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