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Are there any commercials promoting Peace?

(by Gonçalo G., Gonçalo L.)


The Media can help promoting a Culture of Peace. Actually, we have a good example of that role in some of Coke's commercials.


Verena Wild, Daniel Natter, Madlene Zenz, Barbara Greussing



Description of the film

 Analyse the film



 What is charity? 

The work of Caritas 

About families


FC Barcelona - UNICEF

FC Barcelona dispens1.5 million euros to UNICEF
Messi is an international ambassador for UNICEF
Auctions of signed dressed of Messi for UNICEF
A advertising spot about UNICEF with Messi

Heal the world – Michael Jackson

 Facts about Michael Jackson

Discription of the film



Film “Untouchable”


This film is about a paraplegic man who looks for a guardian. The man only can move his head because he was parachuting and he broke his cervical spine. He looks for a guardian without charity. A man from the fringe area who seemed to be aggressive wants only a signature that he made an application for the job to get unemployment benefit. But he gets the job because he doesn’t pity him. So they get best friends and experience a lot.


On the one hand this film is really great because this rich man has a fringe area guardian. He doesn’t want any charity, he just wants to be embraced like a normal man.

But on the other hand the fringe area man seemed to be dangerous for everyone. Only the rich man gave him a chance to show the opposite.

So they both were best friends…




This advertisement shows disabled people in an amusement park where they have fun. At the end they all are in a carousel where there is also a young couple is which seemed to be not-disabled. But after the ride the man lifts the girl in her wheelchair and the advertisement shows a text what means: Nobody’s perfect, but life could be.

At the beginning it’s not clear why this is a caritas advertisement, until the young man lifts the girl to her wheelchair. The song to this advertisement is really sad but it also animates to reflect. Everyone is a normal human, also disabled people. You shouldn’t look at them like a stranger but like normal people. It’s hard for them to get a normal life, but you can help!


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The work of Caritas:


With the seven “Carla” projects of working (Carla are the shop named from Caritas) the Caritas gives people without jobs in Vorarlberg a chance to work for one year. So they can develop and get used to a new life.




With help, information and advice Caritas gives people in poverty new perspectives and so they give them hope for a better life.

If the families got out of balance because of special happenings they’ll get also advices. But it’s not a help for a long time, it should be just a short-time-help. So it’s limited between two and four weeks.


The help for families is…

·         for helping in poverty and crises situations

·         to bend crises

·         for persons who care for children

·         for dependants from caring persons

·         for persons with special necessity

·         for single and ill people.

ItI’s a wonderful project for the helpless people in Vorarlberg.



FC Barcelona – Unicef


Even football clubs are involved in the social sector in order to participate in world peace. For example, the FC Barcelona donates 1.5 million euros annually to the UN children's agency UNICEF. Without being obliged, the association UNICEF logo printed on the dress.


Such selfless actions of such a famous club where there may be some other clubs or people inspires a charitable organization to donate money or even participate.


The star football player Lionel Messi is also involved in a year as an international ambassador for UNICEF for disadvantaged children and young people.
His first "foreign game" as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Lionel Messi led to Haiti. Six months after the devastating earthquake in January 2010, Messi went there to get a picture of this terrible situation to make.


"There are few places in the world where children are so vulnerable as here in Haiti," said Messi.


Also auctions of signed jerseys leads by UNICEF in collaboration with Lionel Messi. UNICEF auctioned for 10 days, a dress from world soccer star Messi on ebay. The new owner is a Swiss-shirt: With € 2610, he has made the highest bid for the jersey. The proceeds of the online auction will benefit the UNICEF's education programs in Malawi.


„It’s a great honour that Lionel Messi engage as UNICEF ambassador. He is a famous football star and he would do everything that he can to help the poor children”, said UNICEF-director Anne Veneman.

“I will be glad to help children’s in emergency”, explain Messi.


Messi film also a television spot for UNICEF. This video shows Messi talking about some younger people who want to play like him. It shows him playing and others doing the same as him. Messi pleases everyone, who wants to be like him, to help also the poor people because he does it.


Heal the world von Michael Jackson

Heal the world make it a better place for you and for me

and the entire human race there are people dying

if you care enough for the living

make a better place for you and for me


Michael Jackson. Who does not know this name?

For all people who have never heard of him: He was born in Gary on 29th August 1958 and died on 25th June 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, composer, dancer and entertainer. Because of his great success, he is called “The King of Pop”.

A successfully song from him is “Heal the World”. This song gives each person different interpretation in its lyric. The content describes a place where needy people need our help to save their live. Michael Jackson writes this air himself.

This song tells a real story that there is a place where many people need our help. They require our care, love and our attention. When we listen to the song or when we watch it, it should motivate us to help the needy.


Michael Jackson was always helpful and so his fans should follow this example.

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A Background Introduction to the task


This task is an assessable task which covers the broad subject of media in modern society. "Media" could be defined as a means of mass communications in our society. Media today takes several forms: the traditional print media of newspapers, and journals and magazines: broadcasting media through radio and television, and, more recently, digital media through the use of computers and the internet. There is now also the growth of "social media" a development from digital media, such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space  etc etc. There are many issues that arise from media in present society. This task requires you to research and address a topic of your choice below that looks at a particular issue in more details. For each topic in the list below, I have included several guiding questions to point you on what you might want to explore in the issue you have chosen. The task requires that you research your chosen topic, summarize your results of your research, thinking and views and present this research into a Power Point Presentation of about 15 minutes. You will be assessed on the quality of the material you have in your presentation, the depth and breadth of the topic covered and how you organize your presentation to capture the attention and interest of your audience.



TwinSpace- 2nd semester- Norway

3.Media and culture of peace- Nora, Lene, Henrik, Lotte

The role of mass media in creating peace, justice and equality.

 How can media be used as an agent of change?

How can media promote peace in the world? Find/Give examples especially recent ones.

What is the Culture of Peace?

“It is not the violence of a few that scares me, it is the silence of the many.” —Martin Luther King- you might want to discuss this and suggest how media can address Dr. King's concerns embodied in that statement.

The Propaganda of Peace or for that matter, War and Lies and Injustice.

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