Exploring media-general introduction

Different types of Media

(by Gonçalo L., Gonçalo G.)

In general, "media" refers to various means of communication. Television, radio, newspapers, Internet are different types of media.
The goal of the media is to take the news as soon as possible to citizens. Throughout the years, the media have been evolving in a way so that the news can reach their receivers as quickly as possible. They have also been evolving in a more attractive and original way so that they can call the citizens’ attention.
There are different types of media: traditional and new media.

We had the first newspaper which took the first reader to the stationer’s to read the daily news. We must not forget the radio which made communication  easier to the listener. We just turned on the button and we would listen to the news in a very different and enthusiastic way. Then, television was invented. This new technology brought the spectators the opportunity to listen and read the daily news in a very comfortable way. Nowadays, we have the most attractive, the most simple and the fastest media with which with a simple touch of a button, citizens can be “updated”.
The Digital Media make the news more interesting and today anyone can reach it. Other media may take 24 hours or 1 week to take the news to the reader. The digital media, as the internet, make the reader always updated, minute by minute.
No one knows what the future of the media holds. We can only be sure that more technologies will come and more means of communication will appear. Who knows if in the years to come, investigators  try to put the media in a higher level?
A few years ago, the media were not so evolved as they are today.
In today’s world, the media have conquered a very special place in our lives. We may say, due to our own need of improvement.The media have become as important as food and water. There is no denial that they have been playing a very significant role in making the world "smaller".
Through various media, we are now able to connect with a lot of people around us. The Internet has truly become the need of every individual not only for his work but also to connect with his friends.
 In our previous generation, people didn't have the same technologies as we now do. They couldn't contact with each other by messages, chat or even make calls to each other. For example, our grandparents used to write letters to contact with others and at that time, that communication was recognized as a very simple way to contact people. Nowadays, people see letters as an expensive and old-fashioned way of communication.
In spite of living in a "modern" world, we think that, in the future, we'll find new ways of communication and these which we call recent, will then be called old-fashioned.

What is your personal view of what a media's role should be?

 As the media have such a big impact, we should make a good use of them for humanitarian causes and help community institutions which have that role of helping people in need and spreading the word.
In terms of getting the world well-informed about what is happening around us, The Media should always be impartial towards all kinds of information, giving particular importance to objectivity.


Exploring the media

A Background Introduction to the task


This task is an assessable task which covers the broad subject of media in modern society. "Media" could be defined as a means of mass communications in our society. Media today takes several forms: the traditional print media of newspapers, and journals and magazines: broadcasting media through radio and television, and, more recently, digital media through the use of computers and the internet. There is now also the growth of "social media" a development from digital media, such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space  etc etc. There are many issues that arise from media in present society. This task requires you to research and address a topic of your choice below that looks at a particular issue in more details. For each topic in the list below, I have included several guiding questions to point you on what you might want to explore in the issue you have chosen. The task requires that you research your chosen topic, summarize your results of your research, thinking and views and present this research into a Power Point Presentation of about 15 minutes. You will be assessed on the quality of the material you have in your presentation, the depth and breadth of the topic covered and how you organize your presentation to capture the attention and interest of your audience.



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1.Exploring the media- Marie, Maylinn, Heidi, Kine

What are the different types of media?

Digital media vs. mass media (terminology)

The Future of Media/  New directions of development in media

The Norwegian Media (Are there any special characteristics? Is it a healthy media when compared to media around the world/Why do you say so?)

The Media’s Role in Society- now and then (the role of media in today’s society)

What is your personal view of what a media's role should be?

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