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In November 2011 students from all nine countries created our song "Europe" in Germany. We had professional help from young musicians from "eduventis". Here is a short video of how we recorded the song at the final workshop day.



In March 2012 students from 8 countries learned the dance to our song in Norway. Enjoy a first glimpse of our hymn's choreography. We are so proud of you- the creators of this wonderful dance and all of you who learned it in only 2,5 hours and presented it on Thursday.



Make the dance known now in your schools- that will be a huge success for all of us!


In May 2012  we wrote  lyrics for our song in Greece. Have a look!


 1st verse


All of us together
under the same sky
friendship will stay forever
and gives us wings to fly
All of us together
friends, we'll never forget
the distance doesn’t matter
as long as we are together
 3rd verse
All of us together
Under the same sky
The distance doesn’t matter
 It’s not only you and I
All of us together
it’s in our hands
friendship will stay forever
you got it my friend?
In November 2012 we learned the rest of the choreography in Romania! The Romanian students created the dance and were perfect instructors as well, here it is:Multumesc!!!!

In Romania we also wrote the rap part (which will be our second verse). Therefore we took the so far unused lyrics from Greece for inspiration and added new ones. Nelutu from Romania will rap together with Jura and Razvan- thank you guys!


 2nd couplet (Rap part)

Peace, freedom and politics, just words!
Grown up people never changed the world
This is our time
And every single minute we spend
We should hold onto it cause’
We may never get it again
The time is short, we should have fun as much as we can
And when everything’s over just admit that it’s at its end.
So these are our days, show up with something new
C’mon, now, sing with me! All of you!’


I ain’t gonna spell it out again, so listen very carefully
Doesn’t matter the place where you came from
You are young – and that means free.
I woulda never thought that I’ll ever see
People from far away who think just like me
Who share the very same ideas, the very same beliefs
Who woulda thought that I will ever be part of this?


All together walk alone, against all we’ve ever known
Every single one of us is Europe, we call it home.


 In March 2013 we all met in Istanbul to sing and dancce together again and to make a booklet and a cover for our song's CD.


What do you think of our dance and song?

Post your ideas for more lyrics or any comments on the dance and song here!


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