Pupils mobilities

 Tha grade 8 from Paris is now in Izmir

Here a video on web tv on their meeting at Sev 


acilivetv on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free


Students mobilities

Class / group



Number children/ adults

class 4 Leonardo Da Vinci


May 2011

23/3 a

Class 8 Izmir SEV 


April 2011


Class 5 B Rome



16 – 20 april 2012

18c/4 a

Class 8 Paris


16 – 20 april 2012

22/2 a

Class 5 A Rome


7-11 may 2012

18c/ 3 a

Class 5 Paris


20-25 may 2012

7/ 1 a

 Class 8 Izmir SEV


21-24 April 2012 


Class 7 Izmir SEV 


21-25 May 2012 






















Parents meeting in November. Signed authorizations. Booking flights in November through a Travel agency. Hotel in Madrid and hostel in Paris were found with help by hosting schools, who checked rooms and accommodation, finding a right solution for young pupils. All the class group participate **Organization**

Meetings with parents, Comenius group, headteacher. Class teacher ( 5 A) , coordinator and support teacher ( 5 B) organize the bookings ( e mail, telephone, skype).


The Comenius budget cover totally the teachers expenses and a lump sum for each child so that the total expense for families is not more than usual school trip for classes 5th ( 200-230 euros for 5 days). Families in need are helped with the total payment of flight and accommodation

Problems/ solutions 

  • Documents for children the local police office opened a dossier for the school to give authorization to teachers to bring a group abroad
  • Insurance** / the company that works with the school did an expansion for travelling abroad for 4 euros each child, It covers also luggage and health.
  • Cash money to spend in the city / a credit card is opened by parents with a sum to cover local expenses.
  • Document for migrant children / in a difficult case the school asked the collaboration of Save the children legal office and it gave help in having the passport for the child.
  • Group visiting / yellow caps ( to be seen far away) with the name of the school and teachers mobile number written inside to each student. Each child have a transparent pocket with a necklace with his document photocopied, bus tickets, phone number

Didactic – project aspects Children are working studying the city they are going to visit. Google maps- identifying places. Researches on monuments. Videoconference with twinned classes. Exchanges of mails, photos, drawings. Common work on Ideal city. They are also studying some French/ Spanish. Specific English lesson on city aspect / CLIL in geography about Madrid. Classes are preparing some kind of exhibitions ( songs, dances, music) to perform in the hosting schools. Teachers of the 3 schools ( Madrid- Rome- Paris)are in contact through telephone/ Skype/ emails at least once a week.

Report/ evaluation Questionnaires for children and parents. Written report by children in mother tongue, drawings. Photo album prepared with children photos when they are back. Special dispalay at the school fair in June about their trips

Hosting children During summer 2011 teachers visited some low cost accommodations and pre-booked a clean and safe hostel. It’s not very close to the school but they arrange a coach to pick up children in the morning. Visits to museums, historic places, activities in the classes are organized in details. The goal will be to have active involvement of partner schools students in workshops, lessons, shows. All the school community is involved


The documents part was harder because we must ask permission to the Italian consul to travel abroad. We are in contact with Rome school and Izmir school where we are going with a 8 grade class.

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Paola will add london children and adult mobilities on this page tomorrow from work as unable to edit from home notebook. Regards eva

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Video of Roman class 5 B in Madrid
5th grades Rome/Paris mobility day 11th May Visit the Chateau de Vincennes





Our exchange in Madrid newspaper!


Paris pupils in Izmir

 Here the photos



MOre wonderful pictures  taken by 8th grade Leonardo da Vinci school during the visit to SEV school in Izmir, thans to our friends from Turkey!




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