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"The project joins four Mathematics teachers from four different European countries. Each team formulates on the Twinspace a mathematical task to the three other partners, in a manner that would encourage different paths to the solution. This task will be solved by students and will be presented to all on the Twinspace under the form that suits them the best. Thus, all teams can realize how one original question can be answered in different cultural contexts and become aware of both similarities and differences."

This project description was formulated during a night of October 2009, precisely between 30th and 31st, in Sintra, near Lisbon (Portugal).
We met there for the first time (we did not know each other before), thanks toa PDW organized by the Portuguese NSS in collaboration with the CSS, towhich we all had been invited. We started discussing during the second morning of the meeting, we went on all the day long, using each freespot of time; we didn't stop even at dinner and we ended up in the hotel room of one of us, after having bought an internet connection,creating a new project on the eTwinning desktop. We didn't have everything clear in our minds, but we all wanted to put the accent onthe following aspects: the project would have had to be about maths, involving pupils on some disciplinary activities; the only promise we made was that each team would have showed to the others an accomplished task and would have received their comments; the cultural differences would have arisen from the diverse answers given to a same question.
Sincethe representatives of the NSSs of the two founders (France and Italy)were present at the meeting too, the project was approved not later than the following morning.

We were ready to face a new eTwinning adventure ...

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