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Dear Comenius members: teachers and students!

Maybe you declare me wicked again, but I am back with the Wiki, now within the TwinSpace. Why? Now, sitting on the plane back to Spain with Norwegian I found out that Björn from Holland was busy early this morning loading up the files of the students end products, which made me very happy because this is the way it should work: instantly! THANKS BJÖRN!

Now, than I tried to put the links of these products directly next to the File does not work, for whatsoever reason. Where else to put them???

  • In the forum? That was used for the questions and answers and I don't think anybody looks for them there.
  • In the blog? I don' t think so either, because that is where comments are made.

Looking around I came across the Wiki section and found it empty......What a danger!.....Here we go:

Phase II - end products 1st June 2012, Stockholm

Us in Akersberga

Phase III - preparing the meeting in Bourg-en-Bresse, November 2012

As long as things "are in the making" the Staff Room should be used. However, as soon as agreements have been reached I propose to start publishing them right here on the Wiki.

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