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Creating a school garden opened to the world
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General aim : Organic Garden Dream http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG_FeSMMjuU  
Pedagogical Innovation and Creativity
 Gardening and plant-based learning open a door to discovery of the living world. It stimulates even as it focuses and calms. Within the school environment, a garden offers an unparalleled platform to help kids achieve learning goals .
A School Garden requires a child's intellectual, emotional and social engagement with things that must be measured, counted, weighed, arranged, planned and cared for. 
Curricular Integration
 This project is linked to trans–curricular programs in many countries based on sustainable development. This allows a collaborative work within the school itself and also with all partner schools.
Collaboration Between Partner Schools
 This project is integrated in a global project, coordinated from FXM school, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Our general aim is described in the video : Organic Garden Dream http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG_FeSMMjuU  
The European team of this project was created on eTwinning portal.
The first activity was the garden design, choosing plants to grow. After this first step, students could compare the common choices and also the differences due to school specificities, weather, climate. The preparation of the soil was the autumn activity and the schools could exchange during this period the different techniques of composting. During winter students could follow the garden evolution of the partners schools located in tropical and southern hemisphere areas.
In many schools this project was supported by parents with implication and financial help from local authorities.
Creative use of ICT.
We used
 eTwinning tools twinspace :
A website for the publications of the results : :
 Visioconference for live communication between students
Sustainability and Transferability
This project gathers the European team of a global project : “Organic Garden” coordinated from Taiwan. The gardening activities will be reconducted using sustainable development critera like organic fertilizers, adapted plants to the local environment, saving water.
Results and Benefits
During this project, the European eTwinners could exchange with partners all over the world, meet them on line through videoconferences. The 5 continents are represented
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