The project


For students to understand the importance of biodiversity. To acquire knowledge about the forests' structure and function. To familiarize with local forests, to enjoy them with all their senses, to love them, to appreciate the variety and simplicity. To understand the contribution and value of the forest not only for humans but for other organisms. To develop research skills for observing, recording, comparing, classifyng forest ecosystems of our region. To understand and to be aware about the importance of environmental degradation, especially the forest ecosystem. To know the economic, social and cultural dimensions of forests in everyday life. To get to know specific characteristics from organisms. To find the uses and the benefits of our plants. 

 To know specific characteristics from organisms
 To find the uses and the benefits of our plants
 To compare flora and fauna
 To confront fauna and flora
 To create an interactive poster with






An effective animation (Name of it: Tree and dinosour)

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