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Tell us about your Christmas: 1. When do you get presents- 24th, 25th December, in the morning, evening, after dinner, 2. What do you have for Christmas dinner? 3. Do you sing carols in your family? 4. Do you go to church? 5. Do you keep Christmas traditions? Which ones? 6. What would you like to get as presents? 7. Do you give presents to your family members?
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To all our dear friends in the music project _ Czech school

 This is the way how we celebrate Christmas every year. Our music teacher Hana, who helps me with the project, gethers all the volunteers who love singing in the choir and they work very hard for two months to prepare the school Christmas concert. The concert takes place in the biggest catholic church called The Basilic of all Saints. One performance is for students and the other in the evening for public. And then the choir stops work for one year and begins again the next November.



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Nada, thanks for this unexpected present and I beg you to give my warmest regards to all the choir singers, instrumentists and director for this enjoyable concert.

Posted on 26/12/11 14:32.

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EXCELLENT, excellente work!!!

Congratulations, students and teachers for the wonderful happy hour! emoticon

Posted on 27/12/11 20:10.

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I have admired these concerts since our cooperationwith Gimnazjum Ceska Lipa started a few years ago. Again, a wonderful time of enjoying Christmas through music! Thanks, Czech friends:-)

Posted on 28/12/11 21:08 in reply to Manuela Correia.

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Hello, you had so excellent concert in Catholic Church, I really enjoyed your singing!
Nice and enjoyable concert just for Christmasemoticon

Posted on 01/01/12 13:04.

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