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Christmas talk
Tell us about your Christmas: 1. When do you get presents- 24th, 25th December, in the morning, evening, after dinner, 2. What do you have for Christmas dinner? 3. Do you sing carols in your family? 4. Do you go to church? 5. Do you keep Christmas traditions? Which ones? 6. What would you like to get as presents? 7. Do you give presents to your family members?
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Letter box report

 We are happy to have our friends´ Christmas cards with us. Mail from Portugal has not come yet, so it is eagerly awaited by here.

Pupils have carefully read through all the cards, envelopes, drawings and names with a mixed feeling of curiosity, excitement and happiness.

Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.

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Our postcards were posted last week!!!
Wish you get them in time!

Posted on 21/12/11 12:53.

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With a sigh of relief we have recieved your postcard this morning.
We were closing doors to leave for holidays.
Tons of thanks for sharing!!

Posted on 22/12/11 12:56 in reply to Manuela Correia.

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We all were very happy for all the postcards. Love Nada

Posted on 12/01/12 18:59.

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