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Christmas talk
Tell us about your Christmas: 1. When do you get presents- 24th, 25th December, in the morning, evening, after dinner, 2. What do you have for Christmas dinner? 3. Do you sing carols in your family? 4. Do you go to church? 5. Do you keep Christmas traditions? Which ones? 6. What would you like to get as presents? 7. Do you give presents to your family members?
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The Three Wise Men Parade. Santander, SPAIN


Beautiful cards


A better video from the Czech concert

To all our dear friends in the music project _ Czech school

 This is the way how we celebrate Christmas every year. Our music teacher Hana, who helps me with the project, gethers all the volunteers who love singing in the choir and they work very hard for two months to prepare the school Christmas concert. The concert takes place in the biggest catholic church called The Basilic of all Saints. One performance is for students and the other in the evening for public. And then the choir stops work for one year and begins again the next November.



We got mail from the Czech Republic and from Finland!

 Thanks Finland for your lovely postcard. 

Thanks CZ for your beautiful and so many gifts! That town square of yours reminds me of Prague! It seems you live in a fairytail town!!!  Wonderful! 

Our pupils are on Christmas break now.


PS: We only sent you a postcard. Our schools are living very very difficult times! 

Merry Christmas to you all, EUrope friends! Thanks for being such a wonderful partners!


Letter box report

 We are happy to have our friends´ Christmas cards with us. Mail from Portugal has not come yet, so it is eagerly awaited by here.

Pupils have carefully read through all the cards, envelopes, drawings and names with a mixed feeling of curiosity, excitement and happiness.

Thank you so much and Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas
Høknes barneskole, Norway wants to wish all our EUrope-friends a Merry Christmas.
Caroling for EUrope

 Some of the etwinners have gathered today to sing " Ay del chiquirritín " - a traditional Spanish carol.

It´s something we wanted to share with all our partners before leaving for holidays.

A jazzy Xmas card display

 Just a few pieces of Xmas cards&decorations made at school during the last week.

Hope you enjoy watching !  










Class 6A singing Christmas Carol

Class 6A singing "Julemorgen" or in English, "Christmas morning". Hope you like it!


Christmas shuffle by class 8A

Christmas Wishes from Portuguese class 7B


Christmas carol from Portugal


"Eu hei de ir ao presépio" by class 7B

The carol from the Czech students
Czech live carol for you


Have a look at the blog.

Portuguese postcards on its way!

 Hi! Today we sent you our Christmas postcards.


Please check the files below to see our Christmas Wishes video(s), songs and some photos of our school's decorations made in Art lessons.

In Portugal's file you'll find a 'present' for the Czech Republic, Poland and Spain (I'm sorry Finland and Norway!). It's not really a present, it's a song from each of the countries mentioned that I found in one of my Christmas CD's. 

Two Spanish Christmas songs


This is my choice for Spanish Chistmas songs: a traditional carol from Cantabria and a modern melody inspired in Xmas time values by J.L. Perales- songwiter and composer.








Norwegian Christmas carols

Two of many Norwegian Christmas carols:







Czech Christmas carols

 There are a lot of them so we will show you only one one or two.




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